Wicked the Movie, Changed for Good?

In 1995, a book by the name of Wicked, based in the world of The Wizard of Oz books, was published. A number of years after in 2003, the musical based on the book was first performed. Today it’s broadways sixth longest running show, surpassing A Chorus Line in July of 2018. And in (probably) 2020, the story is returning once more for a movie adaptation. What changes will the silver screen make? Will it be changed for the better?

Before thinking about the cast or anything else, I wondered about whether the movie will be based more on the book or the musical. According to IMDb, “It is currently unknown whether this film will be based off the novel or musical [Itself an adaptation of the novel].” So it’s not confirmed either way. Most likely, it will take elements from both, however it will probably be based more on the musical than the book. For one thing it’s more family friendly, the book uses plenty of adult themes. And although the movie could be more for adults than young adults, I’m betting on the latter, a PG or maybe a PG-13 rating. For another thing, the story of the musical is much more suited for a movie. There’s always that problem with book adaptations, they’re often too long to be adapted into movies, so details are lost. In a musical the details have already been adjusted into something shorter and watchable, so other aspects can be focused on…. like casting.

Who’s playing who?

There’s some obvious casting options for some characters. Idina Menzel played Elphaba in the original showing of Wicked, that’s an obvious choice. A couple less obvious choices are Rebecca Mader or Lana Parrilla. They played the wicked witch of the west and the evil queen in ABC’s Once Upon A Time, respectively. Rebecca Mader’s performance as the wicked witch. And although Lana Parrilla played a different witch, her role would have been just as good. And they’re also both really good singers.

As for Glinda, the original actress Kristin Chenoweth is one of the obvious choices, although she’s said she’s probably too old to play Glinda again. Kristen Bell, Amanda Seyfried, and Anna Kendrick will almost certainly be considered. Anna Kendrick has even been approved by Kristin Chenoweth. Lea Michele has been long wanted by fans for Elphaba and Glinda, and she would fit either great. Personally seeing her as Glinda would be great, she’s a pretty bubbly actress. Madame Morrible already has an actress rumored of being considered, Bette Midler, which is an amazing choice. Morgan Freeman would make a great Dr.Dillamond. There’s so many characters and actors, it’s hard to find one that would be perfect for any role. Whichever actors are picked, I hope they compliment the story and bring something new to their roles.

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