What Makes Someone Beautiful?

Beauty, to me, has always been an abstract thing. People’s opinions on what is beautiful are constantly changing. Personally, I think everyone is beautiful. I believe everyone has something about them that makes them beautiful. Wanting to understand what makes others beautiful in the eyes of different people, I asked around.

“Their soul.”      


“Beauty is such a weird thing to talk about for some people. In my opinion, everyone is beautiful. I think every single person has something beautiful about them. I think I can always find something in a person that I can admire. Beauty is in how a person acts and treats other people. Things like that, not based on if a girl has a thigh gap. Beauty is found in people’s brains. I hate the idea people have that makes others believe that physical characteristics are what makes an individual beautiful. I don’t care about physical appearance. I, quite frankly, couldn’t give a f*!k if someone is a certain weight or if they have collarbones that pop out of their chest an extra inch.”


“I think the way a person thinks is what makes them beautiful. Sure, good for you if you fit all of society’s beauty standards. Those standards may be held by the majority, but that doesn’t mean I care about them. Intelligence, compassion, caring about others. These are what I think makes you beautiful. I think it;s sort of shallow to only find a person hot or beautiful based off physical characteristics.”   


“The way they treat other people.”


“ There are definitely physical things that I think are super cute. For example, if a girl has really cute smile dimples or has a crooked smile. I think these things are adorable. That doesn’t make it a beauty standard that I hold though. Anyone without these things is just as beautiful as someone who has them. Beauty is on the inside, not the outside. That’s what I think, at least. Everyone sees beauty in a different way. “


“If you have a good heart, you are beautiful to me. If what you hold inside is honest and true and caring, I think I’m gonna think you’re absolutely gorgeous. Physical beauty standards are constantly changing, as are people’s bodies. Why would I care if you fit all the beauty standards when we fall in love, but you don’t fit them anymore after 2 years. You will always be beautiful, no matter what you look like. I believe everyone should know that they’re beautiful, no matter how they appear or what they look like.”


After reading this, I hope you can see that everyone is beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t. No matter who you are, someone will always be able to find you beautiful.