What Can Be Done To Stop School Shooting and other Violent Incidents that seem to have no end

When the topic of school shootings come up, people are now beginning to pay attention. But there is much more work that can be done to prevent them. A relatively simple and cost-effective solution would be to arm a certain percentage of previous firearm-owning teachers with the right to carry their weapon on campus concealed, so as not to cause any anxiety on the students or other teachers. Another option would be to assign one or more (depending on the size of the school) police officers to the school. One other way that we could protect students and staff in the schools would be to hire one the 37,300 Veterans that are living in the United States (as of  2018) that when they enlisted stated that they were willing to serve and protect.

We all know the safety and security of our students/children is one of the most important things to making sure future generations can thrive and have a shot at changing the world for the better. When a school shooting happens that possibility is taken away from us all. So what can we do to help reduce the number of school shootings? Some say ban all guns and some say arm everyone–both are extreme examples of how to solve the problem of mass shootings. As stated earlier, one solution could be to arm a small percentage of the staff or faculty that would already be in the building. I’m not saying to arm every teacher, what I am saying is if there are any teachers that already cary or own a firearm in their life outside of school, provide them with the ability to carry their firearm on campus in a concealed fashion so as not to worry any of the students or other teachers. It’s also important that you don’t make it known which teachers or faculty are armed as that defeats the purpose of them carrying a concealed weapon. Also provide in-depth training on how to operate their firearm within a school and how to make sure that all students remain as safe as possible in the event of a school shooting.

If there are no teachers or faculty in the school that are comfortable carrying their firearm on campus there are other solutions. This would require setting up with a local police department–a plan that would have one or more police officers assigned to every school. Most large schools have one or more school resource officers but if you could expand the number of schools with either a school resource officer that would provide a deterrent for any possible school shooter that there is a threat to their life. This would not only protect the students and other staff in the building, it would, or at least could,  improve community relations between police and the communities that they are sworn to protect.

Some people when debating the topic of firearms have a solution of banning or heavily restricting firearms.There are a couple problems with that, one of which is that if a criminal wants to obtain something they won’t allow some rules and regulations to stop them; they will either obtain them illegally or the numerous other ways of obtaining firearms. Additionally, they could use any other objects such as bombs or knives to cause a mass killing. Another point people would bring up in the debate of reducing firearm or mass shooting/killings are: more background checks or registering your firearms. We already have background checks as a form of registering when you go to obtain a firearm–legally you are required to fill out a background form that is submitted to the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives).Firearms Transaction Record   Then once that form is returned and it shows that you are legally allowed to own a firearm, you are allowed to pick it up. Now private sales are completely different because they do not require a background check, which should definitely be addressed. There is certainly something that should be done with regards to keeping track of who owns what and who shouldn’t own firearms, whether that be because of a mental illness or other reason.

The fourth solution could be investing in some technology in order to protect our schools. Some examples of these would be a direct link to a police department. It would be similar to a fire alarm but would be blue and when triggered would initiate a school-wide lock down while simultaneously contacting local police that there is an active shooter situation occurring at the school. There are also products that would restrict the doors from being opened more than just a standard lock or deadbolt. These would be  either metal door jambs, or chains that would keep the doors locked and unable to open.

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