Weekly News

Today, March 21 was Mike’s birthday and Terrance’s classes walked in and sang Xmas carols. … followed by a breath-taking rendition of Happy Birthday.

Ishaan is still a baby

There is a math field trip on Monday, March 25: The Day of Math at UW. see Lydia or Lance or Mike for more information. This is an all day event (8:30-2pm) in which students attend workshops on college-level math and engineering, STEM careers, and the college application process. The cost is $15, but we’ll go to budget to cover any students who don’t have the $’s.

Interested? Come and get a permission slip from Mike or Lydia.

Karen’s dog Gia continues to grow out of puppyhood.

In Mike’s class we did a progressive era fair today. We collected bits of political movements from the 1920s. We all hung posters in the hallway and argued why legislation should change and acted as real activists from the time period.

In calculus class we are using graphs of functions to draw roller coasters.

Mirabai had rehearsal for six hours.

In Terrance’s class we started watching the Japanese horror film called House from the 1970s.

People have been REALLY sick; and by people we mean teachers and students.

Monday in coor we voted on what to add to the upcoming student store.

Coor Announcement from Logan and Cooper:

Starting this week on Friday 3/22 there will be a new committee focusing on environmental justice. Specifically, we will be reaching out to representatives through letters to share our stories and get our voices heard. This will be held in Gabriella’s old room (the sewing room, Rm 221) on Fridays. Come make a difference and fight for climate justice!