Searching For The Perfect Graduation Outfit?


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Caption: Nova Graduation is on its way: June 12, 6:30pm at Nova! Here are a few cheap ideas for finding the perfect outfit.


    Nova Graduation is on its way! Graduation is a wonderful excuse to dress all fancy-like, which is always fun in my opinion, but you can dress however you want. Everyone should dress for their graduation in a way that makes them feel special (It is a special occasion that you only get to experience once, after all)–whether that’s jeans and a t-shirt or a floor length gown–but finding that special article of clothing has the potential to be pricey and cause lots of stress if you’re taking it seriously. Here are a few cheap choices to search for your graduation outfit that are only a short bus ride away from Nova:


    1. Red Light Vintage & Costume

       312 Broadway E

    Seattle, WA

    Red Light is pretty much heaven for vintage lovers. It feels like what Etsy would feel like if it were a physical store, and it’s located right on Broadway. (From school you can take either the 8 or 43 busses and get there in five minutes). For vintage, Red Light is pretty darn cheap, but the older the clothes are, the more expensive. If you’re searching for something from the 1920’s, be prepared to spend a little more. Red Light has a huge amount of variety, and it all feels so one-of-a-kind. They have a small rack that is dedicated to traditional graduation robes if you want to wear one, but you could easily find something mixed in throughout the two levels of the store.


2.  Crossroads Trading Co.

    325 Broadway Ave E

    Seattle, WA

    Crossroads, also located on Broadway, is a wonderful recycled and new fashion store. A lot of the things you find in Crossroads will still have the original tags on them but will be WAAAAAAAAYYYYY cheaper. I recently got my Prom dress there in between classes for $20. Crossroads is much more “modern” than Red Light, but it still has some vintage mixed in here and there. Why pay hundreds of dollars for a graduation outfit like some people do? Thats ludicrous! Just go to Crossroads, where there is tons of variety and the generally the most you will pay will be $20.


3. Value Village

   1525 11th Ave

   Seattle, WA 98122


    Located a block away from Cal Anderson, the Capitol Hill Value Village is my favorite Value Village. Although their dress section is fairly small, everything is incredibly cheap. Wouldn’t you love to find a beautiful dress to wear to graduation  for only $5? Once again, there is a lot of variety. You could find something vintage, a beautiful gown someone paid hundreds for only to wear once and then donate, or something casual. This Value Village always seems to be full of hidden gems. Of course you can always find a nice suit there too for all of you graduating gentlemen.

Your high school graduation is something that only happens once, and it should be special. It is a night where you should feel like it’s your time to shine. Of course you don’t have to dress up if you don’t want to, but if you do then I hope you find something that makes you feel special at one of these stores (or anywhere else, of course!). Whether you’re graduating, or just going to support the people who are graduating, make the night special!

Animation Showcase 13

The Animation Showcase The 14th floor is Nova’s 13th annual animation showcase where Stefan play all the students from his Animation classes. they will be presented at the Northwest Film Forum, it will be presented in an edited movie that will take about 30 minutes each animation will have its own original soundtrack made by Nova students with titles.

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    It will take place on Thursday June 5th there will be 2 showings with the same content one at 7:00 as well as one at 7:30. There is a suggested donation of $10 and is located on 1515 12th ave Seattle, WA 98122

End of year FEEST party!

FEEST is planning our end of the year FEEST ShaBang Celebration and Cultural Potluck! We are preparing for an artshare, a 2014 Nova reflection table, FEEST intern MC’s and sandwiches, sushi, and salads. We will be outside in the courtyard area from 2:30-6:30 on May 28th. Everyone is encouraged to bring a cultural/familial food to share along with the food provided.


The celebration will incorporate much of what folks would experience at our community dinners, as we will be going through the FEEST flow. We would love to have as many families and Novaites as possible!!

Come eat, dance, reflect and FEEST!!


Love, the FEEST Teamfeest logo

Prom Survey

    Nova prom has come and gone! We had a pretty good turnout this year, and everyone seemed like they had a good time. How could you not when you’re all dressed up, being served fancy drinks by your teachers, surrounded by your friends and dancing your butt off? I decided to survey 30 students see if they all had as much fun as they seemed like they did, asking them to rate their prom experience on a scale of 1-5 stars.

2 stars: 2

3 stars: 5

4 stars: 16

5 stars: 7

Total students surveyed: 30

    Clearly the people who went really were having a fairly good time and not just pretending! Well over 50% of the students I surveyed gave it four or five stars (and not one person gave it only one star), so I would say this year’s prom was a success!

Prom Pie Chart.png

The Nova Diaries: A Day in The Hallway

    Most people don’t walk into the main hallway at their school to find an electric piano set up with someone miming the action of playing one with complete enthusiasm, but those people must not go to Nova. At this wonderful school, that could be described as the norm. Yes – many things that would be considered completely unacceptable at any other traditional school (like playing a piano in the main hallway at full volume) are completely normal, and… well, accepted.

    Today when I came out of my class after very productively working on a project,  I came out into the main hallway to find a small table set up next to the electric piano that was set to play itself. Crowded around the table were many fellow students, all laughing uncontrollably. I walked towards the table to find out what all the fuss was about, and as I looked down at the table I immediately understood why everyone was having so much fun. On the table was an extremely popular (and very… inappropriate) game called Cards Against Humanity (think Apples to Apples only R-rated). I noticed an empty chair, and having extremely enjoyed playing the game with friends in the past, it was just screaming my name.

    So we sat and we played for quite awhile, about eight people constantly interchanging at the table. Many people were watching, laughing, and enjoying themselves while listening to the piano (that was still turned on and playing itself) and hearing students keep saying things like “I love my school” and “This is just like Hogwarts.”

    The things that happen in and outside of classes are what gives Nova its allure and makes people want to be here. The fact that we can have a piano in the hallway while playing Cards Against Humanity, and be accepting of each other and just have fun really says a lot to me. It’s what makes this school great; people genuinely want to be here, and having fun when they are. Things like this are not a rare occurrence at this school, and each time they happen it just makes me even more thankful to go to such a wonderful school like Nova.

A Magic Show

On April 28th, 2014, the coor-attending students of Nova instead witnessed magic.

Well, it wasn’t really magic – but it was still really freaking cool with the re-attaching ropes, swapping places, and the multiple-drinks-out-of-a-milk-carton trick. Indeed, the real art of magic is the skill involved: and 13-year old Matthew Laslo-White (pictured far left) has a lot of skill! Perhaps one of the most impressive things about the show is the youth of the performer. Matthew is 13 years old–a good 3-4ish years younger than the average Nova student. And yet he still performed amazing feats befitting the title of magician.

For those who missed the show, here are my top 3 acts that were performed:

-The rope trick. For whatever reason, that rope was just so interesting. It may have been in the item more than the performer, but it still was fantastic to see 2 ropes become 1, then get cut in half and again into quarters, and then have them all recombine into one. What’s more interesting is the obvious amount of stress put on those ropes–they were getting swung around all over the place, stretched, pulled, all that sort of stuff. So it’s not like it was glue–and it even looked like one rope at the end.

-The solid box. For this trick, 2 people came up on stage from the audience and knocked on the box. They were asked if it was solid, and it was. Then, Matthew comes out with his hands bound. The “solid” box is opened, and Matthew is put inside. Then, a cloth is hung by his assistants in front of the box. Then the curtains close. Somehow, when the curtains come up, Matthew is the one holding the cloth–and then they open the box, and it’s one of his assistants inside instead. I would’ve really liked to know how he did it–but obviously, a magician never reveals his secrets.

-The milk carton. A quart of plain milk is poured from a pitcher into the carton it was originally in. Six cups are brought out. The first beverage that is poured out into a cup is chocolate milk–reasonable, considering how there could have been chocolate powder in there to mix with the milk. The next thing, however, is apple juice. It is poured into the cup, and it looks, and apparently tastes, like apple juice. Next is root beer–even more outlandish, but the same as the other two–looks, tastes and smells like the name. The very next is ginger ale – and what do we know, it’s actual ginger ale. And then he pours out the remaining liquid into the last cup. I’m pretty sure that it was just plain milk, but it doesn’t matter–they put it somewhere backstage. And then the milk carton is cut open–and instead of being a fancy stage prop inside, it’s just a milk carton.

Despite my firm belief that there is no magic in this world, there evidently are people who can make it seem like there is. At first I was skeptical, but as soon as I watched the actual show, I was amazed. And it’s someone younger than you (probably) and me who did it!

So once again, I will go thank Stefan for bringing in the magic, and you should too.

A Summary of Prom

A Summary of Prom

Last Saturday (May 10th, 2014) was the day of the Nova Prom. The event was held at 1927 Events, located on 3rd in downtown. Music was carefully selected by two of Nova’s own seniors, Quinn Johnson and Omar Tellez. Refreshments included non-alcoholic beverages with cheeky names, chips and dip, cupcakes, and most important of all ; a friendly nova environment for everyone to enjoy themselves and get down to some tunes in! The prom lasted from 7 to 11pm, it was only possible due to the students and staff that both planned it, and helped to set-up/strike.

If you have never been to a Nova prom before, you might be expecting something totally different than what actually happened. Most proms are really formal, and everybody wants to bring a date, right? Well the Nova prom was fabulously chill in the sense that there was no pressure to dress up or get married for the occasion. Students showed up wearing whatever they wanted, with some people looking as casual as ever. Other people chose to go all out, dressing fancy flossy and ready to dance.

The music selection was pretty vast, with some cheery tunes such as “I Feel Good”, by James Brown, to the irresistible cut “Hey Ya” by Outkast. In case somebody felt like there wasn’t enough variation, The Smiths showed up to play “Girlfriend in a Coma”. For most of the evening, the dance floor was populated, and the DJ table stayed crowded: sure sign that prom-goers were feeling positive. There was even a cook-off to Ellen Degeneres. If you know what that means, either you were at prom, or you should’ve just gone to prom.

I heard a senior say that this was the best prom in four years. It was my first Nova prom and I can say it was a good time. If you are a Nova student curious about future proms, keep in mind that production committee is in charge of planning events at Nova. Prom only happens if students and staff make it happen! It is not like other schools where prom is a traditional/annual event. Nova proms are unique every time they happen. They are different from other Nova dances in the sense that they usually happen somewhere besides Nova, and just a little more fancy. As a fourth-year nova student who just went to his first prom, I would definitely recommend going to Nova dances/proms in the future, because they are a lot of fun!

Pictures from prom will be uploaded to Shutterfly shortly, check back here for details soon!

An Interview with Stefan Gruber Regarding 3-Way Soccer

1. How did 3-way soccer start?

It started as a project inspired by a book by Douglas Hofstadter called meta-magical Themas and in that book he gave a challenge to the readers to try to figure out how a knight should move if it existed on a hexagonal lattice.

My solution was that a hexagonal lattice chess game should be a three player game. And this game was so much fun to play that I thought lots of two player games should be reinvented as three player games. So one day at Nova I brought out a ball and set up a session with some willing inventive types and on that day was born a committee where we would play three team soccer and decide how the rules should be.

2. How did 3-way soccer end up with so many rules?

Well every day that we play we also try to sit down on a democratic committee and create new rules. So many many many many rules have appeared in its nine year history. The rules that have stuck are the rules that people remember the best. There are plenty of rules that have been forgotten that we’re probably breaking every time we play the game.

3. How different would the game be if you had half, or even none of the rules you have now?

I don’t know!

4. What do you feel is your connection to 3-way soccer?

Well, I am the one constant throughout those nine years of playing so a lot of my personality has ended up in the game. But the biggest personality in the game is the Nova community and its constant need to have more and more fun.

5. If you were a student who played 3-way soccer in the very first year that the game was played, how would you react to the game now?

Well in a pretty real way I was!

6. What’s the first word/phrase that comes into your mind when you hear ‘3-way soccer’ other than soccer?


7. What would you name a national celebration for 3-way soccer?

Pig pile day.

8. What do you think is the reason that students come to 3-way soccer?


3-Way Soccer

3-way soccer is a zany, crazy sport in that every day (almost) it changes due to new rules being suggested. In fact, the game itself is weird, taking almost nothing from soccer other than kicking a ball (but sometimes it’s 2) and goals. Yet this almost perfectly represents Nova – the students get to suggest rules, and change the game for the better – occasionally, Stefan will suggest something, or some other teacher will come and play, and therefore suggest rules, but at the end of the day, it’s the students who have the voting power.

The general rules of 3-way soccer have been in cement for a very long time, although even they change sometimes. Still, they don’t change dramatically, usually just with things like the Forced Democratic Process act (totally fake name, by the way) of 2013, where students must go to the Democratic Process, where rules are suggested and voted on, or lose a limb the next time they play. But in the end, here are the basic rules that almost never change.

-There are 4 teams – the Cats, the Rats, the Bats, and the Wild Card(s)/Ducks. Sometimes, the Wild Cards don’t even exist! (Happens whenever there’s a number of players equal to a multiple of 3.) In regular play, you usually don’t need to worry about

-Teams start at 7 points, except for the Wild Cards, who start at zero.

-Scoring a point gives a point to the scoring team, and takes one away from the scored-upon team. Wild Cards instead simply gain a point, and the balls switch immediately. (There are 2 balls, the red peanut ball and the blue spiky ball. [NEW: there is a silver ball that we don’t use often.])

-At the beginning of the game, each team except for the Wild Cards gets to put one person in the middle. These players vote on which ball is used in the beginning.

-To move the ball, you may dribble it, you may kick it, knee it, headbutt it, and move it in any way that doesn’t involve touching it with 2 hands. If you touch it with 2 hands, you must drop it for someone else, drop it and do a 360 (this allows you to pick up the ball again and move with it; under normal movement rules), or kick it to another player. As soon as you do any of these actions, you may move again, and move the ball under normal rules.

-After each point is scored, except by a Wild Card, the team that was scored on and the team that was not involved in the scoring process (new, didn’t gain or lose points, only happens when the scored-upon team is within 2 points of the non-score involved team) get to go into the middle and vote upon which ball to use for the next round.

-If a shot: Goes over one of the goal cones, is too high in the air for any defender to block it in any way, is deflected in some way by the defender (changing the direction of the ball’s velocity) is hit or pushed in with 2 hands then the shot does not count for a point, and play continues as normal. This also applies to wild card shots – they must follow the rules as well!

-If 3 separate players accidentally each touch the ball, a ‘pigpile’ is called, and players must immediately begin play with the other ball. (Example: 3 players touch the red peanut ball at the same time. The referee, who is usually Stefan, will call a pigpile [or sometimes not], and the players must now scramble for the blue spiky ball.)

-The game ends when a team reaches 11 points, or time is up. The team with 11 points wins, or if the Wild Cards have 7 points and each team has 7 points and time is up, the Wild Cards will win.

This may seem like a lot, but there are probably about 300-ish more rules out there, major and minor. Some make it so that you can play with metal limbs – others make it so that you have to stay out of the middle circle before going and getting the next ball if a wild card scores or a pigpile occurs. All are contained within the numerous rulesheets on the various computers within Stefan’s room.

Even if the rules may seem cumbersome at times, they add to the sheer… absurdity/hilarity of the game. They’re what make 3-way soccer 3-way soccer – from the dual sided goals, to the pigpiles, to scoring while rolling – that’s just the way it is, and I wouldn’t have the game any other way. (Well, maybe I’d have it so that I always won, but even that would get boring.)
This committee is fantastic, and you should join it on Tuesdays, 1:45 PM – 2:30 PM. You get PE credit as well, so there’s no excuses if you don’t get to use “but I’ll miss out on credit if I come.” So if you have a spare space in your schedule and spare energy, come play!

Governing Comittee Summit Notes

Hello everyone,
Here are the notes taken at the Governing Committee Summit hosted by Communications Committee on April 10th. The meeting aimed to address issues facing the various committees at Nova and discuss how to work towards fixing them. People receiving this email as a representative of a committee, please share this with your committee. Teachers, please share this with your coor. Another meeting to continue and expand on this discussion is planned for committee time on Tuesday, May 6th. Please attend if you can!
– Share what has been going on
– Respond to issues raised
– Future plans for meetings
Review of what has been going on, from each committee:
Hiring and Review Committee:
– New teachers
– surveys
– interview
– Attendance after 2nd semester
Communications Committee:
– communicate with the school
– made a calendar (not super successful)
– discussion around getting information out, coor announcements, all school meetings
– difficulty around implementing new ideas
Production Committee:
– attendance dropped after 1st dance
– lack of participation and follow through
– trying to get new people involved
Tech Committee:
– more participation in the Mann building
– lack of agency around technology in the building
– can be used for anything we want
– more possibilities for Novafolios?
Recruitment Committee:
– fine tuning orientation process
– questionnaire
– having a table at Folklife, Solstice Parade, Camp Ten Trees, Pride
– trying to get recruitment up
Action Faction:
– Ten Trees donations
– website with resources
– bathrooms
-trans resource center
Senior Committee:
– attendance, more seniors
– lack of planning for graduation

Issues raised overall:
– Participation / attendance
– follow through
– more people makes work easier
– people don’t know what committees are doing
– lack of power in committee system
– pressure to ask other people to make decisions
– stopping distinction between coor, classes, and committees
– more decisions on teachers
Future Plans:
– meetings like this can bring back community
– hard to find time to meet as a whole
– Wednesday mornings?
– lack of participation
– schedule SMC / whole school time slot
– at least one more meeting of this nature