Top guilty pleasure movies/tv shows

Top guilty pleasure movies/ tv shows

Hello and welcome to my top guilty pleasure movies/tv shows. People who are not familiar with what a guilty pleasure is, it’s something you feel guilty for liking.  

  1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – I loved it as a kid but as I got older comparing the original movie and this one it just can’t beat the original but I still enjoyed it despite its flaws like the Johnny Depp‘s Willy Wonka was a hit or miss character to me sometimes he can be funny but sometimes he can be annoying and I question if he’s a psychopath, other actors particularly for Charlie, Verruca, and the grandpa could have been better or replaced with better actors no offense, but the rest of the actors were great and I love the visuals. The songs were cheesy but fun and I weirdly enjoyed it!
  2. Home Alone 2 – Yes its the same plot as the first film but only the main character Kevin is lost in New York but to its credit I think Tim Curry saves the movie; Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci do a hilarious job as the dimwitted thieves and the actors definitely put there all in it! It’s a rip-off of the first film but IDK I thought it cute regardless.
  3. The Grinch that stole Christmas (live action) – I still like this movie to this very day and I know it’s weird, the townspeople were kind of jerks, particularly the Mayor, and I’ll admit the makeup can look odd at times, but I thought it was funny. I really enjoyed Jim Carrey’s performance as the Grinch. I think it’s 100% better than the live action Cat in the hat movie.
  4. In the Army now – Yes another Pauly Shore film, I honestly wanted to hate this movie but I surprisedly laughed and liked the four main characters they were all funny, and the acting was kind of odd at times, the plot was kind of scrambled, the jokes are hit or miss but for the most part I enjoyed it.
  5. Suicide squad – Even though it’s a guilty pleasure I feel like this movie gets more hate than it deserves I admit the plot could have been better but I loved the characters, the acting and I thought it was a fun and humorous movie that shouldn’t be taken so seriously to watch! I would watch it again!
  6. Haters back off – I’ll admit this didn’t need to be made however I disagree with people who say this shows is one of the worst Netflix show it was awkward but still funny to me and the characters were also awkward but funny. I will also admit that it can have a habit of trying to hard to be funny, it can get a little too awkward and too mean spirited but for the most part I kind of enjoyed it! If you’re a Miranda Sings fan I would say check it out it’s not the best show or anything but it’s a good guilty pleasure!
  7. Grown-ups – Say what you will but as generic as the plot was I thought it was fun, I honestly did laugh at parts because it was that dumb, I liked the chemistry of the main characters because the actors Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider are friends and to me it shows. I don’t think it’s as bad as people say it is I’ve seen worse believe me this is better than the sequel at least.
  8. Disney’s The Descendants Movies – I really wanted to hate theses films but I enjoyed them I loved the outfits, the parent villains in the first movie were hilarious and the songs to me are so bad that they’re good. It’s really stupid and didn’t need to be made but it’s fun and somewhat interesting.
  9. The Scooby Doo live action movies – I’m aware it’s dumb and this didn’t need to be made at all however I like the acting I thought it the acting was a little goofy but fine for modern people watching and the actors looked like they were trying and having fun with their roles I think that’s why I like the movie a little bit.
  10. A Bug’s life – I have this movie on dvd I loved it as a kid but looking back at it now I kind of feel guilty about it because it kind of a weak movie compared to some Pixar films, the main character Flick is kind of dull, the princess as well as the other ants were kind of a jerks to the main character until the end, and her sister dot while very sweet and cute isn’t really a useful character. However the rest of the characters like the circus bugs were very funny and entertaining, the grasshoppers were great villains I especially liked the brother of the villain voiced by Richard Kind that man is always funny whenever I hear him and the ant queen voiced by the late Phyllis Diller was fun, carefree and funny as well. While there are better animated movies I would say it’s a fine movie to watch with kids.
  11. The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle – I kind of feel like this movie gets more hate than it deserves I think it’s almost exactly like the show to me anyway even though I haven’t watched enough of the show Rocky and Bullwinkle. I loved the characters, I thought yes it was cheesy but still had heart and I thought it was funny! I’ll admit I don’t see Robert De Niro winning an award in that movie but I kind of liked his awkward performance same with everyone else (including the narrator)!
  12. Little Man – I wish I could hate this movie but I don’t I thought it was really stupid but again it was kind of my sense of humor. My mom and Grandma hate this movie but I kind of liked it in a weird way.
  13. White Chicks – Okay so the white faced makeup is pretty bad, the jokes are hit or miss but I think Terry Crews makes this movie he was just hilarious especially the part where he sings “A thousand miles” I love Terry Crews he’s like one of my husbands in my head and I like the idea of people of color making fun of white people instead of Blackface, Asianface etc. the tables have turned!
  14. Toys – This movies stars two of my favorite comedy actors Robin Williams and very underrated Joan Cusack I thought this movie was surreal and the plot was a little tough to follow but I enjoyed the characters they were funny, fun and lovable. It’s a fun underrated popcorn guilty pleasure movie and it should be a cult classic!
  15. 7 Zwerge – Männer allein im Wald (English: 7 Dwarves – Men Alone in the Woods) – This movie is stupid and kind of sexist at times but it’s my kind of stupid which I love! The jokes are hit or miss because this movie is originally in German and there are jokes I guess that don’t translate well with English. There are parts that didn’t make sense but got me to laugh anyway. It’s not at all perfect and the acting is pretty cheesy and weird but if you like really stupid humor check it out!
  16. Shark Tale – Ok it’s not a great movie compared to other DreamWorks movies and there are problems with this movie like its main character Oscar played by Will Smith he was a total jerk, the animation hasn’t aged well and the music could have been picked in better moments, but I thought some of the characters were good, the jellyfish brothers made me laugh and possibly made the movie, Lenny the Shark voiced by Jack Black was cute, Sykes voiced by Martin Scorsese while grumpy can have some funny moments here and there! So yeah it’s not at all good but for some reason I liked it.
  17. Bee Movie – Yes this film is overrated because of the memes of it I guess but I thought the movie was funny not the best DreamWorks movie or anything but I liked it fine.
  18. Spice world – The Spice Girls in general are a guilty pleasure to me, while there not good singers I do love their personalities and their messages of girl power, to me it shows that in this movie yes it’s dumb, the plot is kinda weird and the Spice Girls are definitely no actresses however I had fun watching this movie!
  19. BASEketball – This is a movie starring the creators of South Park Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the jokes are a hit or miss, but I enjoyed the two main characters Matt and Trey play I can tell they were having fun. It was stupid but I thought for the most part it was funny and I enjoyed it.
  20. Maleficent – I personally think it’s a cool concept to hear a villains side of the story and see why they became bad, I don’t agree with people who say that it totally ruined her character I thought it was interesting how she technically took care of the child
  21. Fanboy and Chum Chum – Yes I’m aware that this is a really dumb show but I don’t know why I still kind of liked it to this day! I think the theme song is funny, I sort of liked the characters for the most part and I like the idea of the two main characters having superhero like names while not having there real names revealed at all.
  22. Total Dramarama – This should have been another season of total drama but no we got this to be honest I think despite having the characters kids and for some reason Chef hatchet in charged of the day care it’s still fun we get a few cameos from other characters from 6teen and the spin-off Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race. Most of the characters are still fun, cute and funny as well as the Chef is so not perfect but I would watch it if there’s nothing else to watch!
  23. James and the giant peach – I liked this movie as a kid but as I got older I just realized how weird this was and how corny the jokes were. However I like the bug characters particularly miss spider for some reason and the Aunts were hilarious to watch.
  24. Bobobo-bo bo-bobo – This one’s an anime it’s like Uncle Grandpa only ten times weirder and confusing. It doesn’t make a lot of sense but I love how they break the 4th wall while also making fun of the show itself, the characters were funny (including the narrator) and I just had fun with it. I wanted to hate this but darn it… I like it’s weird humor!
  25. Portlandia – I know it’s well liked but I wanted to hate it because of how awkward the comedy was growing up though I enjoy awkward humor and their sketches for the most part are funny.
  26. Peewee Herman Movies/ TV shows – When I first watched part of the first movie I thought this was annoying but I watched it again and I thought differently about it. Its weird, and nonsensical, but I enjoy it I would watch it with my siblings or cousins around to not make it weird.   
  27. Bedtime stories – Again while this is a guilty pleasure this movie gets more hate than it deserves in my opinion. I feel like people hate it because Adam Sandler is in the main character I personally think Adam Sandler is a hit or miss comedy actor, but i don’t agree with people that this is one of his worst movies, I liked the plot of the movie, I didn’t mind Adam Sandler’s main character, the comedy is fine enough, although I will admit it kind of has a habit of trying to hard to be funny at times but it didn’t bother that much thought.     
  28. Borat – I thought this movie was funny but I will say it’s pretty insensitive and controversial most of the time that’s all I can say about this film!
  29. Happy Feet – Yes it’s a generic story, the concept of the movie is kind of odd, Robin Williams as much as I love him plays a stereotypical latino penguin which to me can be kind of distracting but I thought while the concept is odd it was somewhat fun to watch.  

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