Top 10 Quarantine Activities

  1. Scenic Walks

Whether it’s a walk by yourself on a starry night, a jog through the park with your dog, a socially distanced hike with your friends… I’d say this is by far my favorite quarantine activity.

  1. Collecting Seaglass on the Beach

Is it just me who still likes to do this? I don’t know but over quarantine I have sort of rediscovered doing this and I have really enjoyed it. Best place is Golden Gardens for sure.

  1. Learning How to Better do my Makeup

Maybe this isn’t one for everyone,but there were a lot of days (especially before I got my job) where I was bored and depressed and the only thing that made me feel better was forcing myself to get out of bed and do my makeup or do my hair and just make myself feel good about myself.

  1. Cooking

Maybe this should have been higher up on the list…for me there is something so satisfying about cooking the thing you’re eating yourself and recently I have really gotten into just looking up random recipes, going to the store with my mom, and learning how to cook my own really good and healthy food!

  1. Online Shopping… But not (Necessarily) Buying Stuff

This can literally be for anything! Doesn’t just have to be for clothes, you could also online shop for furniture for a dream house, you could online shop for a cute dog… or hamster… or snake, whatever floats your boat.

  1. Going to the Dog Park

This is one is for the dog owners! Whenever I feel that my dog is getting too restless and just a normal walk won’t do (also when im just feeling bored myself) I like to go to the Magnuson Dog Park. It’s a nice walk and there’s a part at the end with a beach for the dogs to go swimming at.

  1. Deep Cleaning Something

Maybe this one isn’t so much fun as it is satisfying, but you know when you really need to clean something but you keep putting it off? Me too. Being stuck at home is a great time to check some of those things off of your to do list and afterwards I promise you will feel amazing. 

  1. Gardening

Last Spring I was feeling pretty bored most days and I decided that I was going to try to grow a few fruits and vegetables. I got really into it for a bit and had some lettuce and tomatoes growing.

  1. FaceTime Calls

Whenever I am feeling particularly lonely during quarantine, it is always nice to reach out to a friend or family member (especially one I haven’t talked to in awhile) and catch up on life.

  1. Self Care Activities

This can include reading, drawing, doing a face mask, taking a hot shower, taking a nap, watching a good movie, whatever is fun and/or relaxing to you. Self care is just about doing things that bring you back to a baseline and is always a good choice when you need to unwind.

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