The world of dubbing

Greetings, I will be talking, or I mean typing, about the world of dubbing. I have previously done two articles (article 1 and article 2) on my own called my top foreign dubs in animated movies and thought to myself, “how is dubbing done around the world?”. For those not familiar with the what dubbing is, dubbing is to replace the original voices in tv shows/movies and translate it into a foreign language, while trying to capture the lip movements of whatever character the foreign actor plays. There is also voice-over translation which is sort of the same thing but the actor voices are recorded over the original voice which you can hear in the background.  I don’t think voice-over translations are as known as voice acting, probably because in my opinion it’s kind of annoying to hear I would much rather listen to voice dub in a different language than hear the original in the background its distracting.

A voice over artist’s wage is about $100 for a 15 second recording, $250 for a 30 or 60 second commercial to about $3000 per audiobook, which to me sounds pretty nice. I would love to be a voice actress myself but I would need a lot of work because I’m not exactly the best in my “Yes…and” class, but then again I’m pretty down on myself.

Anyway, I’m sure a few of you are wondering what makes a good voice dub? Well, in my personal opinion what makes a good dub is how much care, effort, fun, excitement, drama, craziness and character they bring to the role they’re given. Not only in English dubs but in other languages as well.

Others may ask how do you become a voice actor? I would say from articles I’ve read reading something to yourself out loud, recording your voice, practicing vocal exercises, trying to imitate a character and/or celebrity while also getting feedback from others, taking acting classes and/or finding a acting coach. I probably might start doing that myself to become a better actor in the future.  

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