The Wonders of Hiking in Seattle

Hey. Cassidy here. Today I’m going to be going over some cool hiking trails in the Seattle area. I’ll show some pictures, and give some fun facts and tips. Hopefully this will encourage

Lincoln Park

  • Go down by the water or check out the pool
  • Try and go through some of the back trails, it can be surprising how far they go. You can go for quite a while without seeing any people and then pop out in a completely different place from where you started. It’s fun!

Tiger Mountain

  • There’s a cool story about a swamp monster, called “Zoe and the Swamp Monster” that you can read on signs throughout the hike.
  • Fun fact: I found a bunch of used shotgun shells when I went here. That was weird.

Rattlesnake Ridge

  • Lots of switch-backs, keep that in mind if you don’t like those. You gain 13ft in just over a mile. So, super steep.
  • There’s a cool view at the ridge with a little ledge.

Discovery Park

  • The beach and the cliff side really remind me of Normandy, so that’s pretty sweet. Lots of driftwood.
  • The bluff trail down to the beach is really cool. My brother rolled all the way down that for a movie we were making one time. That was funny.
  • There’s a fun loop trail that goes through a meadow.
  • There’s a bunch of sweet looking old buildings at Fort Lawton.
  • There are stratified soil layers and glacial tills down along South beach on these 300 feet cliffs.

Snow Lake

  • Very long hike to get there, although its very level. Keep that in mind.
  • It’s super popular, so be ready for a lot of people.
  • There are a few switch-backs, but not too many.
  • Once you get to the 3-4 mile mark, there are a few trail spurs that you can take.
    • Gem Lake
    • Wildcat Lake
    • Middle Fork Snoqualmie River

Little Si

  • Lots of deciduous trees. Those are pretty.
  • Great place for practicing some rock climbing.
  • If you like bouldering, there’s this cool marshy area with some big boulders to climb around on.
  • At the peak, there’s an  area with a great view, and some rocks to sit on and eat lunch.

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