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The Weeknd was born in Canada on February 16th, 1990. He has released three albums , three mixtapes , and one extended plays under record labels XO and Republic. He has put out over 80 beautiful songs across all his projects. This article is about the best 5 songs he has put out. This is not based on opinion, but off facts that nobody can refute or deny. This article goes off the assumption that you have or are listening to this song as you read which is why I so kindly put the youtube link to each song 🙂 .

My number one favorite song is “Montreal”. Hands down his best song. He released this song in 2011 in his mixtape Echoes of Silence (then later in 2012 in his compilation album Trilogy) and it is just a masterpiece. The whole mixtape is a masterpiece but this song takes its spot rightfully at number one. The actual song doesn’t really start till 1:02, before it’s just instruments and him faintly speaking what I assume to be French Canadian. Then from 1:15-1:18  the vocals are just amazing and takes me back to my Chet Faker days. Now the ending is him singing in French which normally would be terrible, but he actually makes it sound good and it goes well with the song. I’m not sure why the song is called “Montreal” instead of just “Quebec” (that’s what they call Canadian French, thanks for the fact Debbie). I guess it could just be because he wanted some Quebecois in his song and he’s from Canada so he called it Montreal, or maybe he wrote the song based off an experience in Montreal. Idk.

These links are to the songs on youtube, They don’t work on the school wifi though.

The second song on my list is “In The Night”. This song comes off his album Beauty Behind The Madness released in 2015. I like this song because it’s more upbeat than the other songs. I don’t have a lot to say about this song. It’s a good song.

My third song is the title song from the mixtape Thursday, released 2011 (and later Trilogy in 2012). This song is just all around fun to listen to. One part of the song is when he says “Not on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday but on Thursday.” It’s kind of a dumb lyric but it sounds fine in the song I guess.

The fourth best song is “Lonely Star”. This song came off his mixtape called Thursday released in 2011 and later Trilogy in 2012. He references this song in “Montreal”.

Finally, the last song: “Outside”. This song comes off his mixtape called Echoes of Silence in 2011 and later on Trilogy in 2012.  Most of the song is good other than his vocals in the background. They kinda get on my nerves. Maybe if they were quieter it would be better but I don’t know. I don’t know music production and I don’t know if they were put there for a reason.

Those are the top five best songs ever released by The Weeknd.

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