The Shadow show!

Announcer guy: Ladies and gentlemen here’s everyone’s favorite imaginary gal pal live on her own radio show… Shadow!

Shadow: Good evening and thank you for tuning in to my radio show the Shadow show. Today on my very first show I thought it would be nice to welcome my human friend and creator Morgan.

Morgan: Hey so nice to be here I love you’re little station!

Shadow: Thanks! So anyway I invited you here because I know there’s a topic that you still feel really really awful about even though it’s been almost four months do you mind explaining what that topic is?

Morgan: No I don’t mind for now anyway, it’s about my drawings and…

Shadow: Let me stop you right there for a second and tell the audience that she’s a very creative and talented artist. Sorry you’re just great!

Morgan: Aw thanks! But anyway it’s about my drawings that I made for future comics I hope to make someday and hopefully later in the future a TV show about it!

Shadow: Oh yes you have Sugarpop as the main character and Extremo who’s also a main character of another story.

Morgan: Exactly, then I have other characters like Spaghetti Man, his sister Ravioli Woman, Burger Man,Sugarpop’s Dad Candy Man,Sugarpop’s Aunt, Pie Woman and Sugarpop’s Mother Patti Cake who died. So basically characters based on food.

Shadow: Then you made two other characters come on, spit it out you wanted to talk about it to get this baloney out of the way.

Morgan: Yeah true, I made two characters called…. hey is that Eggnog?

Shadow: Oh yeah I got one of my assistants to make us a cup of …. Ok don’t try to skip the subject, tell me and the audience what you’re two characters are.

Morgan: Right you’re right … Taco Man and Wonton Woman. They were supposed to be two of the villains of Sugarpop but I have had people say these are racial stereotypes and I feel horrible about it still. I don’t want people to think poorly of me.

Shadow: When did this all start?

Morgan: I showed my artwork to a committee POC they had pretty positive reactions, then a week or two later I was going to show it to the vice principal for an art share thing we do at Nova because one of the I.A’s said “You should show your work at art share,” and I thought why not, that would be cool; but then the vice principal said that these characters are racial stereotypes and I was being too sensitive to get what they were saying and I thought they were saying that just because to put it nicely they’re….the vice principal.

Shadow: Yeah I know exactly what you mean! (Chuckles)

Morgan: I showed it to a speech teacher I had last year, she’s Hispanic, and she wasn’t offended by it and even an Asian girl said she thinks it’s fine. Also most people say it’s art, everyone’s going to have their own opinion and I shouldn’t take it that seriously.

Shadow: And what do you think about that?

Morgan: I think it really depends on what you’re drawing. Yes it’s art but sometimes art can have yes positive meanings but also negative meanings you know what I mean?

Shadow: Yeah I do. And I think that it’s kind and caring that you’re reflecting on this and you’re holding yourself accountable, but don’t do it too much because sometimes to me in situations and not just this one, you can kinda beat yourself up over it too much.

Morgan: I showed it to two other friends this summer on messenger–they agreed with the Vice principal, but they know I didn’t have bad intentions or anything.

Shadow: I don’t either. I know you as a person obviously.

Morgan: But that’s not where the drama started.

Shadow: No not really. Spill the beans sister!

Morgan: Right, so I was still concerned about how people would view these two characters so I thought hey let me call my friend who’s Asian.

Shadow: Who I’m not a fan of by the way!

Morgan: Shadow! I don’t know if you should do that.

Shadow: Well spoiler alert! You guys aren’t friends anymore which I’m glad you guys aren’t so I think it’s … kind of ok. It’s my radio show and I can say my personal opinion of her.

Morgan: That’s kinda fair. Anyway I thought it would be a good idea to ask for her opinion on my characters–mostly Wonton Woman. She laughed and said “those are horrible names. Scrap it up, even things you like need to go.” I thought she was saying that to be mean and the way she said it hurt my feelings, so I was being too defensive at the time to realize she was really offended.

Shadow: Yeah I probably shouldn’t say this at all, but I was there (I’m basically with Morgan 24/7 since I live in her head). I personally think she was being a little too hard on you; I mean yes she was being honest and you wanted her honesty, but I don’t know and you’ve told her you don’t like it when she’s acts like it’s her way or the highway, and she has unnecessary mean tones wouldn’t you agree?

Morgan: Yes, but then again that’s part of criticism I need to learn that and it’s hard for me because I’m sensitive and I wish I weren’t so sensitive.

Shadow: No arguing with that.

Morgan: So then I started crying a lot because yeah my feelings got hurt but I felt bad that people, especially her because she’s Asian, saw this as racist regardless if I intend this or not.

Shadow: Which you didn’t you just misunderstood something.

Morgan: Then my parents asked why I was crying about this; it’s art everyone’s going to have their opinion and I shouldn’t break down because she and others say they’re bad. Part of me understands, but if it’s something based on race, I think you should take it seriously.

Shadow: And you know I’ve dealt with it from your parents–they’re imaginacist. It’s kinda the same thing but meaning people who are against imaginary people, things, animals and I’m offended by that.

Morgan: Yeah it’s like imagine and racist together. I made up that word by the way everyone!

Shadow: Yeah clever word! So back to you and your so-called friend.

Morgan: So then after two or three hours I go on Facebook and she posted her comments on Facebook on the Wonton Woman drawing.

Shadow: Inappropriate! What exactly did her comments say?

Morgan: Should I say them or should it be private?

Shadow: You know she wasn’t being private about that so I think it’s ok.

Morgan: She probably knows I’m talking about her so anyway she said “No… just no.” “Also chopsticks aren’t a thing”.

Shadow: Well it’s a stereotype that Asians have chopsticks on there hair while very few people not just asians wear them on there head there really called hair sticks so yeah now you and I know but still she was offended yes but… not appropriate.

Morgan: Exactly! But then I did something that I feel stupid about and that showed my mom and she said that she’s wrong and just because she’s Asian doesn’t mean she knows everything about her race.

Shadow: I usually don’t agree with your mom but I can somewhat agree with her because not everyone knows about their own race as weird as it might sound from me. What happened next?

Morgan: My mom went on my Facebook account and posted “this was a private conversation SMH.” I agree with her on that but then she started posting pictures of white girls with chopsticks and then posted “not a thing? ok”. I begged her not to do that it would make it worse but she did it anyway she doesn’t really listen to me.

Shadow: I’ll give her credit that she had good intentions but you obviously didn’t feel comfortable that she did that.

Morgan: Not really! So anyway I was still upset crying and just felt terrible. That I went outside to try to calm myself I was worried people were going to think i’m racist.

Shadow: And you’re not you just made a mistake.

Morgan: Yeah so I talked it out with my former friend on Messenger she said that she was offended, chopsticks on character’s head is a common misconception in western media and chopsticks are for eating. Like you said Shadow they are for the most part hair sticks they put on there hair in asian culture not chopsticks there more decorative and fun than actual chopsticks my bad!! I’m trying the best I can to be in her shoes so i’m doing some research.

Shadow: You are and honestly she’s not innocent in this situation either I think BOTH of you made mistakes.

Morgan: Yeah, I feel awful and there are things in the situation I regret doing and saying.

Shadow: Well again I feel like you could have done better yeah, but she could have apologize to for being a little too hard on you and for inappropriately posting on Facebook instead of emailing, messaging you on messenger or even calling you. I don’t know that’s my opinion.

Morgan: Yeah and you know she said something I really thought about that she said she said as a black person I wouldn’t like it if she wrote a Watermelon Woman and said the n word. She’s right on that.

Shadow: I feel like people need to give you some credit you feel bad for what you did, you’re trying to be in her shoes at least to me you are and you called her for this reason because you were concern about this so with that said this may sound ignorant of me but she was kinda being a little more hard on you than needed.

Morgan: But she did accept my apology and said she’ll take down her post but in return I need to ditch and/or revise the two characters and take “my post” down as well which i’m more than willing to do. I’m not willing to do this for her I’m doing i’m willing to do it because once people explain to me why those characters are racist and I thought it over I thought that’s fair and felt terrible. I don’t want people to hate me.

Shadow: And she hasn’t got down her post. Liar!

Morgan: But neither have I and I would but my mom thought I took this too seriously so she said i’m not ready to handle Facebook she didn’t even let me delete the drawings and my mom’s comments that were in my Facebook account.

Shadow: Yeah that sucks but in a way she has a point but one you probably shouldn’t have got her involved and Facebook is kinda overrated anyway!

Morgan: Exactly! Again there are things I regret saying and doing.

Shadow: You should talk to your parents about it but then again there kind of hard to talk to and don’t exactly understand you in my opinion.

Morgan: But i’m thinking of new characters to revise those two characters so I got a better understanding on what to draw and not draw.

Shadow: Exactly!

Morgan: While i’m here I would like to publicly say that I am truly sorry to not just that person but to everyone I don’t want people to hate me.

Shadow: And I feel like people who actually know you will know you’re not a bad or hateful person you just misunderstood something and didn’t know.

Morgan: Yeah I didn’t have bad intentions but sometimes that doesn’t matter.

Shadow: And people are going to get offended by everything so I feel like because you apologized to her you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself.

Morgan: Yep. I’m trying to work on that as well.

Shadow: So are you guys friends or what’s going on with you guys?

Morgan: I’ve told you before that I ended are friendship and this was the least of my problems with our friendship our friendship just felt … complicated i’m pretty sure both of us don’t want that.

Shadow: Yeah and i’m glad you ended you’re friendship with her I didn’t really like you being friends with her and here’s why you were trying way too hard to be her friend and that didn’t feel comfortable to you, she would talk to you in unnecessary mean tones, she has a her way or the highway attitude I don’t like and I think even though i’m imaginary i’m a better friend so I admit I was jealous. I’ll admit though she’s not the worst or anything but you could do better.

Morgan: Aw thanks well you don’t need to worry about it now. To be honest I wasn’t a good friend with her either I would talk about shows over and over again with her i’m working on not repeating the same thing over and over seeing her reaction she didn’t like that very much and I was too defensive to listen to her criticism on the characters.

Shadow: She could have explained it to you better, not have a mean tone and not inappropriately posting her comment regardless if she thought it was private or not at least to me.

Morgan: Yeah maybe, but either way I didnt listen to her and I was saying “Oh I disagree” that’s not a very good argument.

Shadow: Yeah I admit that’s fair.

Morgan: So again to everyone listening I am truly sorry about my two characters I feel awful about it please forgive me.

Shadow: Aww! Well I’m glad we got this out of the way and hopefully you’ll be allowed on Facebook again so you can remove those two characters.

Morgan: Yeah exactly. Again I’m thinking of better ideas this doesn’t mean i’m not a good artist in my own way I just made a mistake just apologize and move on.

Shadow: Yeah and stop saying you’re a terrible person. I love you the world needs you even if the world sucks most of the time.

Morgan: Thanks and thank you so much for having me here hope to be on your show more! And thanks for the eggnog!

Shadow: No problem thank you for being here Morgan! I’m glad to have my best human friend forever on my first debut! Well bye bye everyone and remember imaginary people are real. Please tone in for next time, Thank you so much for listening to the Shadow radio show!!

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