The 1975 Concert Experience

The 1975 are an English rock band from Manchester England. The members consist of Matthew Healy (vocals, and rhythm guitar), Adam Hann (lead guitar), Ross Macdonald (bass), and George Daniel (drums). The four musicians joined forces in high school and eventually signed as The 1975. They released their first self-titled debut album in September of 2013 and topped the UK album charts that same week. Their second album I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it was released in February of 2016 and topped the charts in both the US and UK This year the band won a Brit award for best British group. This year the band announced they would be going on a European and North American tour. In fact, I attended one of their shows on April 30th.

The show took place at the WaMu Theater in the Sodo district of Seattle. The WaMu theater is a venue usually used to hold hosting events and concerts. The venue is pretty large, however, there was so many people in attendance that it was almost impossible to move. Due to the amount of the people in the room, it was also extremely hot, which resulted in multiple people passing out. The lack of movement and people passing out, thankfully was the only downside of the night.

The band opened with their beloved song “Love me”, a funk rock song that excited the crowd right away. Each song they perform has a different light setting depending on the tone of the song. For example,Love me”, gives off a high energy and light tone, therefore the the lights on the stage were bright pink and were constantly flashing. And the stage would be lit with a dark blue color for their more emotional and sad songs, such as “Robber”, a song about addiction. One of the band’s songs, “Loving Someone”, is supposed to represent the lgbt community and how we all deserve love. When the lead singer announced that song was next, the backdrop of the stage lit up to show the rainbow flag to show support for the lgbt community.

Half way through the show, the lead singer, Matty Healy, took a moment and asked everyone to put their phones away for the next song, saying we would all remember this moment more if there was no technology. The band then went on to play their next song, “Me”. “Me”, is a very emotional song about Healy’s family and his past struggle with addiction, which is why I think he asked everybody to put their phones away so they can feel the raw emotion of the song.

Like any concert, the crowd was active, singing, dance, etc. Due to the lack of room, there was not much dancing. However, everyone was singing along to every song. It was not until the last few songs where everyone finally spread out and we were able to move. Overall the concert was fun and lively and it was nice to experience it with my friends.