Thai in the Nova Area

As a student of Nova I enjoy the freedom of going out with friends every once in a while and getting food for lunch. The main place we go is to Cherry Street Thai. 

When you get there you are greeted by a kind person with a warm smile. Once you are shown to your table, you get to look at a menu filled with curries, soups, and the best thing on their menu: Phad Thai.

Their Phad Thai is the best in Seattle. From the sauce to the great taste of lime and tamarind while being garnished with crushed peanuts and green onions. This small shop is on the corner of Cherry and MLK Way. Not only is it near to Nova and Garfield schools, it is a cornerstone of the larger CD community including Nova’s recruitment committee’s work parties and other events. 

This is the phad Thai at Cherry Street Thai. 

However if you like more of a spicy curry experience then I recommend the place just down the road in Madrona called Naam Thai cuisine which is located in the north east corner of 34th and Union. The yellow curry is amazing when you get it with tofu and chicken. The spice mixed with potatoes and onions create a lovely melody full of flavor. The Thai iced tea and coffee is very sweet and delicious. Both of these places have some of the best Thai food in the city. 

This is Naam’s yellow curry lunch combo with slaw, rice, a spring roll and some phad Thai.

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