Sports struggles

Many sport teams have struggles, such as injuries, and weather conditions. I will be writing those things and how they affect the player, and the team, specifically the Sounders, and the Seahawks.


Injuries. For many contact sports you get hurt. When I watch the Seahawks I see them getting hit down very hard, and that can lead to concussions, and leg injuries. You can easily find montages of players getting hurt (which I don’t recommend), but you can see how they got hurt so badly that their career ended. “Seattle Seahawks linebacker Joshua Perry announced his retirement from the NFL on Monday following his sixth concussion and the scary part for anyone needing a reminder on the dangers of the NFL was the concussion wasn’t caused by a major collision.” (–120215657/ ) It happens in soccer too. Dempsey, who played for the Sounders, retired supposedly because of a back injury, but it could have also been from playing a lot. (  Many players do get minor injuries, but a lot of injuries can lead up to taking a big break or just having to retire from their sport., That’s why the coaches need to give them a break at times. Serious injuries and retirement from the sport affects the team because if they lose a valuable player that they rely on then their team can fall apart such as not being able to make it far into the league.


Weather conditions. During the summer california had some wildfires and the smoke went to washington. The air quality was so bad that my team couldn’t practice, but the Sounders still played while the Seahawks practiced indoors. During that time many of the teams had emergency water and oxygen for them during the games. “Wildfire smoke is a mixture of gases and fine particles from burning trees and other plant material. The gases and fine particles can be dangerous if inhaled. In wildfires, carbon monoxide is mainly a risk to people (like firefighters) who work near smoldering areas. Smoke can irritate your eyes and your respiratory system, and worsen chronic heart and lung diseases.” ( This shows that this type of weather condition does actaully affect you and your health. Another weather condition would be rain. When playing with rain you can slip very easily, and a lot of time when it does rain for football or soccer players they can slip and that can affect there gameplay. Say your about to score a goal and then you slip, or your about to catch the football for a touchdown. That could cost you winning the game or scoring a point to tie or trying to have a point ahead of the other team.


To sum this all up many teams have struggles, some of them are similar and some of them aren’t, but when these challenges come the Sounders and Seahawks have always stuck together, and I can see that during their games. When I went to one of the Sounders games it was rainy but as I saw them struggle they always helped each other through the game no matter what. That’s why these struggles aren’t always bad because you have a team to guide you through those struggles. In addition the Sounders and Seahawks teams are always there for each other, when someone gets hurt they go right over to help them. We need to recognize the sport struggles because you never know how bad it will affect you and your team, so always look out for you and your teammates when your playing a sport. That’s why the Seahawks and the Sounders are not bad, because they look out for each other and work together through the different struggles a sports team has to offer.


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