Six Things to Do instead of the Work You’re Supposed to be Doing

Most people can agree that getting work, in general, done is difficult. But what’s even worse? Doing what you’re told of course. My limbic system hates having a concrete trajectory and as soon as my current task is acquired from another individual, it gets tossed straight to the bottom of the barrel where I have to spend the next several hours digging it out with a plastic spoon. For some reason, it will suddenly become 100x more appealing to do literally anything other than write out that last paragraph or do part 2b of that final problem. So what better a solution than pushing all of your pending responsibilities out to the last minute? I know that I definitely can’t think of one.  

Make Lunch for Second Time Today

Yeah. You may have already had lunch. And Yes, it may be 4pm. But you need to fuel your brain, and that single serving bag of frozen cajun spice french fries, that was best by 12-22-17, isn’t going to eat itself. It only takes 20 minutes to heat up in the toaster oven and you can get back to work as soon as you finish them. This will definitely be a worthwhile decision, and you definitely won’t regret doing this at 2 am when you only have 3 1/2 out of the 5-7 pages for the paper due in 12 hours. 

Deep Clean your Entire Living Space

In terms of productivity, there is no question that having a suitable work environment is an important aspect of being efficient. So what better way to improve than cleaning out the area you intend on working in. It may or may not have been multiple years since you’ve even glanced at the upper right quadrant of your closet, but there is no time like the present. And importantly, while vigorously scrubbing out the interior of your refrigerator, just remember how beneficial this will be for your productivity as soon as you’re done.

Complete all 12 of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Trophy Cups on 200cc

Playing Mario Kart for several consecutive hours instead of doing your work could potentially spark some skepticism  among your superiors. However, resting is an extremely important part of maintaining your general health, and preventing burn out. Mario Kart is a fun, relaxing way to take a break, but has several engaging and mentally stimulating elements to keep your brain active and awake for when you plan on doing your work later– probably.

Plan a Camping Trip

Being in nature is a great way to take a rest from your current affairs, and break out of that foggy head space. Yeah, you may not own a tent, but I’m sure you can figure that out when the time comes. Just invision yourself relaxing deep in the forest, staring at the bright and expansive northern constellations, and completely free from the stress of civilisation.

Build a Terrarium

Building your very own terrarium is not only a great and lower maintenance way to express creativity through something that lives and grows, but also a beautiful addition to any room. Just take a clean glass container, add soil, and from there, design your terrarium in whichever way your sense of creativity guides you. Just make sure you are always remembering to do any necessary research and caring for it properly.

Study the the Theorem behind Greater and Lesser Values of Infinity 

The very captivating and very non world economics related concept of different values of infinity is something that could keep one occupied for hours. What could possibly be more productive that sitting down with a cup of chamomile tea and committing to an in depth study on the Enumerable, Innumerable, and Infinity orders. Pertaining to the grand scheme of things, I would say the significance of a paper on gross domestic income pales in comparison to quantity without bound or limit.

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