Review on Issaquah

Here is a picture of one of the trails I walked on in Issaquah

I recently spent 3 days up there at my best friend’s house which is very close to  klahanie but it’s on the outskirts, close to Beaver Lake middle school.

She lives fairly close to a park/forest. For the 3 days  I was there we would go hiking, and we went on the zipline her neighbors owned.
We saw deer, we saw all types of animals such as frogs and rabbits. Honestly it was such a nice break from the city life. It was nice to just relax and unwind from all the stress of everything. One thing that is stuck in my mind is the sweet aroma of the forest, the smell of moss, the faint petrichor wafting through the trees. I also remember the aching in my feet after hiking for so long.  Honestly I recommend going up there and exploring the trails of  snake hill . There are many trails to go off on an adventure on.

As well, next week I’ll be hiking up there again at rattlesnake ridge. Another wonderful thing about Issaquah is all the wildlife you see, all the wild bunnies, deer, frogs, and a lot more birds than you would see in the city, which was refreshing.  All-in-all, I feel like whether you go to Issaquah or somewhere else to get away from the city you’re guaranteed to love the break from the city.