Requirements to Success

I’m not so sure where this idea of success came from, but it’s quite stupid.

The word success has been around for so long. How long? Not sure. Maybe as long as languages have been around. I didn’t invent the word. But why was it invented to begin with?

There shouldn’t be any measure for someone and their abilities and what’s wanted. If you don’t have kids, you’ve failed your family, if you don’t go to school, you’ve failed yourself, if you don’t have a job, you’ve over-all failed. Why do we need this cookie cutter shape for people to feel like they’ve actually gotten somewhere in their life. Many people don’t wish for kids, and they have amazing jobs that they love. Many people don’t have super awesome jobs, but are still content with their situation in life.

Why do you have to go to kindergarten? Well, because you need to get ready for elementary school. Well then why do you have to go to elementary school? To prepare for high school. Why do I need to go to high school? You need to go to college. Well why do I need to go to college? So you can get a job. But why did we decide on this system? Why do I need to do all of this schooling for most of my youth in order to get the job of my passion? Why did we decide this was the way to live?

I don’t have kids (I’m 15, but I still don’t wish for them); I’m not too keen on a job for the most part, and I don’t feel like moving out of my parents’ home until I’m at least 20 and in college. I wish to become a therapist, help others like me that need help, or feel like they would like it. I feel lost, and I’m expressing such through this article. But I’m doing what’s best for my health until I can become a better me. So why is that considered not successful? At least, why have I been told that I’m not succeeding in life? Many of my family have expressed their disappointment in me for not following a traditional path, even though I am going to college eventually. I’m just taking time for myself, and others around me. Some relatives just don’t understand, and question me every time there’s a family gathering. Even some close acquaintances have questioned taking a year off for myself and my health.

If you wish to not go to school, or even end your formal education track, that should be okay if you feel like it won’t help you in your overall way of living when you’re older. If you dropped out because It was too stressful, then that should be acceptable to. Nor everyone is built the same way, physically and mentally.


the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

accomplishing an aim or purpose.

I don’t want to be downsizing anyone’s way of living. You’ve found a way to move through life with some order. And that’s totally okay. With the order in this world, I understand why people find comfort in it. But it shouldn’t be okay to live someone else’s way of living.  We limit ourselves to too much, and don’t find the broader way of living. What that is, I’m not sure. It’s what you make of it. But no one else should tell you how to end up. You should settle down, have a lover, have some kids or a singular child, have a good career and life. Only if you want to.

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