Radio Personality Class

This summer, I took a multimedia broadcasting class, which is basically radio personality class. Here is my experience.

First off, let me say that if you have anxiety around talking like I do, writing a script and recording it is just gonna make you feel stupid. You are just gonna feel plain dumb. Once you get past feeling stupid, the other hard part is having to listen to your voice over and over again to make sure the recording isn´t distorted, and that there are no long pauses between words. Radio needs to be very fast and efficient, so you have to cut out all pauses and filler words, such as ¨uh” and ¨um¨.

The most boring part was learning about the FCC rules. The FCC are basically like the radio police. They fine you for swearing, sexual content, illegal promoting of products or companies, etc. It was just a whole lot of lectures and staring at a power point and listening. Super boring.

Before you record anything, you have to write a script. When you’re writing a script, you should make sure to make all sentences into active sentences. An example is, ¨The quick fox jumped over the lazy dog¨ instead of, ¨The lazy dog was jumped over by the quick fox.¨ It’s also important that you use short, and to the point sentences to keep the listener engaged. Be careful not to drone on about one thing for a long time. It gets boring really fast, even if you think you are not talking for that long.

When you get to the actual recording, you have to learn how to use a soundboard of some sort, as well as Adobe Audition. First, you have to turn on the microphone and turn up the volume. Then you can actually record. Once you edit out all filler words and silences, it’s time to add the music bed. To do this you have to go to multitrack, another part of Adobe Audition. There you can drag in your recording, and also add the music bed, as well as trim it, and change the volume so it’s not too loud or not too quiet.

Once you finish that, all you have to do is export. Itś a pretty simple process really. If you think you might be interested, check out the multimedia broadcasting class at Nathan Hale!


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