Prince Edward Island Review

I’m an islander, someone who was born on Prince Edward Island (PEI). This small mass of land on the east coast of Canada is over 3,000 miles away but only takes four hours to drive from end to end. It’s so small that some maps don’t even include it, but it has a lot to offer.

One thing PEI is known for is having amazing beaches, and since it’s an island, they’re everywhere! The beaches are characterized by soft sand dunes, marram grass, and red sandstone cliffs. During summer days, it’s hot and the beaches are full of PEI’s residents and tourists alike. But once day turns to evening, the photographers come out to capture the breathtaking sunsets. A sky full of blazing bright oranges, reds, and pinks, with edges of soft purple and blue– they’re almost indescribable. I’ve had some of my best experiences on the beach there, including floating out amongst the waves as the sunset reflected off the sea, and meeting a lone fox patrolling the shore. Although it is still Canada, so in the winter I’ve seen snowdrifts higher than my head.

Further inland, you will find thousands of square kilometers of farmland and fields. I’ve driven past acres of corn stalks, potato plants, fenced meadows for cows, and innumerable other crops and animals. Properties are divided by thin lines of trees, each plot a different shade of earth. Even the soil is special, as the island is made up of–and famous for having–red dirt! PEI is formed from sedimentary bedrock of red sandstone, and the high rust content makes the dirt red.


The capital, Charlottetown, has activities around every corner. One of the most popular spots, day or night, is Victoria Row. This is a small section of road lined with stores and restaurants on one side, and the Confederation Centre of the Arts on the other. The Centre has art exhibits, plays, and a library. If that alone isn’t enough to entertain you, you can walk to Victoria Park. Whether a big event is happening there or not, it’s always nice to walk along the shore. There’s also Peake’s Quay, which has lots of colourful little tourist shops. And I’ll bet if you just keep walking in any direction, you’ll find Cow’s ice cream and live music!

In summary, I believe my island home is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It’s an amazing place to spend time with family or friends, and perfect for retirement.