Pranks Suck

“Pick the Ugliest Girl”

Back in middle school, I wasn’t the most popular. I took this orchestra class throughout the seventh grade. There was this group of guys in my class. They were always laughing at something or another, always making fun of their friends.

One day, it started happening. One of them would come up to me laughing and begrudgingly ask me out. I always said no, looking at the rest of the group pointing and laughing in our direction. I never asked why, but it happened several times. I would walk away blushing and embarrassed, but I didn’t know what was going on.

Halfway through the year, I finally got to find out why they were doing it. I was sitting by Brenden and Hugo, and I overheard them talking about me. Apparently this had been a whole bet thing. Every time one of the four guys would lose a bet, they were forced to ask out “the ugliest girl in the class.” And that was me.

Sometimes when I feel bad about myself, I remember that. I wonder what they would say to me now. There are so many things I hate about myself. When I remember what they did to me, I try to forget what they did. It’s so hard to forget because when I’m in a really bad place, my mind uses stuff like that to fuel my hate for myself.

Pranks and jokes are supposed to be funny. If they cause emotional harm or trauma I don’t think that’s okay. Maybe they thought it was funny. Maybe it was to them and their friends. It wasn’t to me though. How would you feel if you were teased and bullied, and used as a bad incentive to win a bet? Probably not too good.

There are so many reasons why this repetitive bullying bothers me so many. I’m actually not alone on this. Other people around me who know about this story have some serious issues with this. Pranking and teasing is thought of as fun and harmless a lot of the time. I’ve met many people who agree with that. I do happen to think that in some situations they can be a little funny. But I’m talking about situations where no one ends up hurt in any way, and there are not any negative repercussions of the event. For example, stealing all of someone’s shoelaces and hiding them. That’s a pretty harmless thing to do. It would be more of a minor inconvenience to the victim( the word may sound harsh, but it’s accurate) instead of being a scary, hurtful, or scarring occurrence.
The thing I’m trying to get across is that we need to be more careful when it comes to teasing and pranking. It’s not nearly as harmless as most people may think. People can get seriously hurt, whether it’s emotionally or physically. I am passionately against individuals hurting others just to make themselves laugh. We need to consider the feelings of others and know that what we are doing can have very bad consequences, even if they’re for other people.