The way I work as a person is interesting. I have a tendency to put my energy into very specific things, and nothing else. There have been a few instances of when something would occur and then I would find interest in it, and put a lot of thought and energy into what I’m doing, related to the situation. One good example of this is the 2016 presidential election. My mom and dad put a lot of hope into Bernie Sanders, and since I was around them 24/7, their views and ideologies rubbed off on me. For a large amount of 8th grade, I was very political. I’m sure other kids thought I was pretty weird because of that. Throughout the election, I learned a lot about different political parties, I participated in different marches, I was very involved. I also lost a lot of hope, along with the rest of my household, when Bernie lost. From that point on, I separated myself from political issues as much as I could. I do still teach myself about different social justice issues though, I just don’t look at the news, because it scares me too much, and I feel too much like I’m in a position where I can’t do anything.

A situation has popped up recently that has made me feel the same way as the presidential election did. The school district of Seattle decided to take two of the teachers from Nova, due to the fact that there were less students this year than previous years, so we didn’t meet the teacher to student ratio they have. For a general school in Seattle, you have probably over 1,000 kids, so having a few teaching positions gone is not as much of a big deal. For Nova, it’s different since this is such a tight knit community that losing two teachers is a very big deal, and it’s almost like having a family member leave. This situation was another that sparked a lot of anger and energy in me, so i participated in the march down to city hall, even speaking along with many, many other students. This amount of motivation isn’t something I’m used to at all. In the end of it, we still lost the teaching positions, although there is still action going on to try to get them back.

I’m curious as to why in both of these instances,  when I see injustice and I become angry enough to take action, it doesn’t end up in my favor. I’m sure people who do follow politics and other things feel this way even more than I do at the moment. It feels like the people in power ignore what people want in order to benefit themselves. I can see how in both of the scenarios above, their decisions can help them out. Bernie Sanders was a socialist who wanted to begin a different path for the country that we had only taken a few steps on previously, and everyone was already hoping for Hillary because she would’ve been the first female president, and she was a normal democrat. With Nova, the school district was never exactly supportive. I don’t actually know the reasons for that, but maybe they just don’t want yet another school to give their money to, especially to a school full of kids that they might not think are worth the hassle. If you look hard enough and browse the internet enough, you can probably find more examples of people with more authority making decisions according to their own benefit.

I wonder why this is. Why do the people who are in charge of making decisions that affect everybody think of themselves before others, when it is their job to do what’s best for everybody? It’s like we’re not listened to. It also appears in my mind that one main fear is that they lose power. Maybe it’s a factor in why third party presidential candidates don’t win elections. Maybe a school like Nova threatens the already built school system. It seems like a fear of change to me, which is something I’m very familiar with since it takes me a solid week to get over a haircut on someone else, but I think the circumstances are different, since I am a 16 year old girl and these are the systems which the country, states, cities, any wide range of land with civilization in America, runs on.

There is no real purpose for me writing this, I just want to put these thoughts out there and make people think about how their needs are approached by people who have power to make decisions that impact them, because I’ve seen too many times when those people don’t take others into consideration as much as they should. I wish that there is a solution to this, but it seems like the only one is to wait 20 years for them to be too old and have new, hopefully better people in charge., and even then, how do we know they won’t be as scared of change, or that these new officials won’t be power hungry? It’s hard to be positive in this climate.

Also, if you’d like to support Nova bringing their teachers back, there was a gofundme started so we could have the positions back by next semester. The link is: https://www.gofundme.com/save-nova-teachers

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