More Cake than Pan


1 ½ cups flour (cake flour is best, but any will work)

3 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 ¼ cups milk

¾ teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla (TEASPOON!!!!!!)

1 egg

4 tablespoons melted butter


cinnamon roll stuff!


1 teaspoon cinnamon

3 tablespoons melted butter

¼ cup + 2 tablespoons brown sugar


  1. mix all the pancake ingredients together. lumps are ok, but the batter should be one consistent color. once the batter is mixed, stop stirring. you don’t want to overstir.


  1. mix the cinnamon roll stuff together. it should be a bit like toothpaste. if it is too watery, add a little bit more sugar. put the mixture in a sandwich bag with one of the corners cut off.


  1. heat up a pan on medium heat. add butter or oil to the pan.


  1. when the pan is warm enough that it crackles when you sprinkle water on it, put a 1/4th cup of batter in the pan.


  1. wait until you can see bubbles come up in the center of the pancake. draw a swirl with the cinnamon roll stuff on the pancake. wait a few seconds, then flip the pancake over. wait until the pancake is cooked (stick a toothpick in it. if there is batter on the toothpick, it’s not done) and take the pancake out of the pan. put it on a plate.


  1. repeat steps four and five until there is no batter left.


November FEAST and Reflection Day

November 26th at Nova we will be having a Potluck Feast, Reflection and Dance Party where we will discuss how things are going as a school and make future plans for spring semester. All students and staff are expected to attend unless family travel plans rule it out and parents/families/guardians are, of course, welcome to attend!

Feast and Reflection Schedule:
9:30 -10:00 –food served
10:00 – 10:45 – break out discussions (Wednesdays, Committees, New Mascot, Physical and Emotional Safety, Brainstorming Class Ideas – we will be sending out more complete descriptions of these discussions after this week’s transition committee meeting)
10:45 -11:00 –snack, mingle and share ideas from break out groups
11:00 – 11:30 – action plan writing
11:30 -12:15 – regular school lunch break –clean up potluck food
12:15-1 –Large group sharing and discussion
1-2 –Dance Party!!
2 – Early Release

If you cannot attend the event but have feedback about any of the topics we are discussing feel free to email and I will make sure it makes it to the appropriate discussion!

The following food list was made by the students on the transition committee. Calling on students, staff and nova families to donate an item on this list please!!!!!
Food: Bagels, cream cheese (dairy and dairy free), chips, salsa, muffins, donuts, fruit, popcorn, deviled eggs, croissants, quiches, pies (savory or sweet), cereal, milk and non-dairy milk, cheese, crackers, veggies, dip for veggies, beans and rice.
Other stuff we need: compostable(bowls, hot beverage cups, napkins or paper towels)

Thanks community!!!!


resource site:





  1. 24-hour crisis line: 1-866-4CRISIS (1-866-427-4747) 24-hour counseling for persons in crisis. Confidential.
  2. Teen Link

6pm-10pm daily: 206-461-4922

6pm-10pm daily, toll-free: 1-866-TEENLINK (1-866-833-6546)

Staffed by teen volunteers trained by Crisis Clinic staff. Confidential. A service of the Crisis Clinic







Youth that qualify can enter the shelter that day. Within 72 hours of entry into shelter, a parent, guardian, or Child Protective Services (CPS) worker must consent to the youth staying in the program. There are three shelter programs:




206-236-KIDS (206-236-5437)

Youth Haven is an emergency shelter in Redmond for 11-17 year olds, serving 5 girls and 5 boys at a time. Maximum stay of 21 days.






Cocoon House operates two 8-bed emergency shelters for youth ages 13-17 in Snohomish County, one in Everett and one in Monroe, each in a house in a residential neighborhood. They also operate a Maternity Group Home transitional shelter for youth ages 13-17 in Arlington. Phone for shelter availability.




Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest

1-800-230-7526 (1-800-230-PLAN)






1-888-99-VOICE (1-888-998-6423) [24-hour crisis line]

425-226-5062 (Business office: 425.226.5062 M-F 9am-5pm)

24-hour phone crisis intervention, referral, and support services for sexual assault victims in King County including Seattle. Medical support, legal advocacy.




Child Abuse & Neglect Reports: 1-800-562-5624 (24-hour phone number)

Seattle office: 206-691-2300

Seattle office toll free number: 1-800-379-3395



  • Catherine Booth House



(Confidential street address)

Emergency shelter for abused women and children. 24-hour intake.

Also through Catherine Booth House:


  • New Beginnings



Shelter, counseling, and support services for abused women and children. 24- hour crisis line.







908 Jefferson St., Seattle 98104 11th floor






Multiple testing centers in Western Washington, see list on website. Same-day tests can be ordered online. Accepts major insurance plans and credit cards, gift cards, HSA plans and money orders through Western Union.


As all of you probably know ……NEXT year we will be moving buildings! Yes it’s true and ideas are needed for the NEW ART! (As Nova encourages art  and through art!) Being SUPER creative here are some ideas from myself and other students. About 8 students were interviewed.


  1. Pokemon characters
  2. giant food portaits
  3. Quotes (LOTS OF THEM)
  4. What Nova resembles
  5. What Nova takes MOST pride in
  6. birds
  7. real seaweed
  8. David Bowie
  9. Mural of fantasy scenery
  10. cute bathrooms (pastel–not gendered colors)
  11. tinted windows
  12. really big signs
  13. Hello kitty stickers on all walls
  14. Letting the students use sharpie EVERYWHERE! even on the floors
  15. Also art on EVERYTHING
  16. cute stuff
  17. a tribute to The Originals (a vampire TV show) and other shows
  18. Interests and passions of the students at school (appropriate ones 😉


Writing has always been a thing for me and an awesome outlet for when I get frustrated, and maybe for some of you too? Personally I love getting ideas out there and for people who want to write but always claim they don’t have ideas, well here is a list of prompts and tips that I’ve worked with. I hope you will enjoy! No more brain farts  and no more excuses! Make the ideas your own, twist them, change them, and most of all get it down!



Tips for writing!!!


  1. ALLOW yourself to get inspired, so what if it isn’t completely original, all ideas come from somewhere!
  2. Plan your writing (whether you find organizer writing sheets online or make your own, they really are helpful! helps you figure out where you are going and you CAN change them)
  3. Get it all down before you edit (I know I’m eating my own words but it honestly does work when done)
  4. Think about developing your characters! know who are the main and whose life you’re going to follow, all very helpful
  5. think about creating the plot FIRST
  6. Remember the best writers are the one with the ideas, forget spelling errors and all that stuff. You’ have time to edit later.
  7. get different opinions on your writing!
  8. Make your writing known, you’ll get comments
  9. Be fun! don’t be afraid to screw up a character
  10. Channel your emotion into your characters! It’ll make things interesting!
  11. And finally have fun, you’ve heard this before but seriously: HAVE FUN


writing prompts/starters:


  1. “ Survival,” he says grimly. “That’s what we got to do….survive…and if we’re lucky, avenge the others.  I nod  mutely. If we make it, a big IF. The words echo in my head and i feel the breeze on my face.
  2. “Hope….it’s the one thing greater than fear.” She smiles until I feel her breath on my neck and she leans in, hooking her arms around me. “It really is…promise”
  3. “They’re here, we got to get out of here.” The shakiness in his voice sends prickles down my spine and i nod, grabbing my twisted blade in reassurance.
  4. “You’re back.” She breathes  and her hand comes to cup my jaw. “Never do that again.” She pauses and then pushes away from the hospital bed,  visibly shaking and eyes wide.




  1. Newborn vampires
  2. Failed utopia
  3. fan fiction
  4. yourself and reflecting back on your life
  5. a bucket list
  6. your boyfriend or girlfriend
  7. what you are grateful for each day
  8. A resume for a job considering you
  9. a play that is short or long
  10. a short story on your life “moments”
  11. Experiences you have had and giving them to your character
  12. a screen play
  13. historical fiction
  14. Science fiction and super powers
  15. werewolves and the supernatural creatures
  16. Your family and friends
  17. BEST and WORST experiences in your life
  18. Your future goals and such
  19. things your friends have gone through
  20. How you overcame an obstical
  21. mysteries
  22. your own word searches or quizzes
  23. a dream story or dream character
  24. your profile


I would love to hear feedback if you felt this was helpful or if you used some of these prompts and ideas! Tell me how they worked out or didn’t work out! thank you!

Soccer Opinion


Soccer has always been my favorite sport to play, to watch, and to just talk about with people. I can honestly see why it is the sport of the world (in my opinion).

It is very easy to play and the rules are simple. You kick a ball around and put it in the back of a net, it is that easy. Not to mention, you really only need a ball or even a soda can to play. You don’t need grass or an artificial turf field. A lot of the best players in the world right now and before grew up playing in the streets where they grew up: from the likes of Ronaldo, to Neymar Jr. I also just love talking soccer with people because there is always something going on in the sport somewhere in the world.


The fact that it is a world sport makes that possible, because almost every country has a team which works with the World Cup, and within the country there are cities with teams. I also love how diverse the sport is when it comes to really big teams in the world. For example a team called Real Madrid FC has a team with players from Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Croatia, Wales, Spain, and the list goes on. Do you think all theses players knew how to communicate in their own language? No, they all share skill on the field and work together. That’s what makes soccer such a beautiful sport. It brings people together. On the topic of bringing people together, The World Cup is the biggest sport tournament in the world. It brings people and countries together. From all the festivities and parties going on to watching their country play out in a small local market or to even watching it on a huge screen on the streets. It is a sport that definitely brings people together.


One of my favorite tournaments soccer has to offer is of course The World Cup, but I also love a tournament called The Champions League which is a tournament where the best clubs from different countries get put into a raffle and you play against other clubs of the world, and not just your own league. So a team from Spain could play a team from Italy, or England, it doesn’t matter. And it is one of the biggest soccer tournaments apart from the World Cup.


Some of the top leagues in the world consist of,

  • The Premiere League – England
  • LIGA BBVA – Spain
  • Serie A – Italy
  • League 1 – France
  • Bundesliga – Germany


Those are just some of the top leagues of the world. As for the best players in the world, there isn’t really one. There are multiple, people will argue that this guy is better than this guy. But in reality each player has different attributes that separate them from others. It’s one of those on-going arguments that will go on forever as to who is the best player. But as far as some of the top players for scoring, achievements, and trophies they have one in their career would be, Cristiano Ronaldo, Leonel Messi, Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta, Frank Ribbery, and the list goes on and on. It really comes down to the fans favorite player.


Soccer has always been my favorite sport to play, watch, and generally talk about with others. It is very simple to understand compared to most other sports out there, I mean you literally kick a ball into a net. Watching professional soccer is also very fun, you just don’t know what is going to happen next, and watching the best in the world is also exciting. Those are just some of my opinions on the sport soccer.



Homecoming Info

Homecoming is just around the corner! its getting closer. don’t look away.

Nah, “homecoming” is on october 30th from 6 pm to 9 pm. The theme is “ghost ship”. The theme was decided by a vote. “Ghost ship” won by just a few points above the much loved classic: “dads under the sea”. You may be aware that “dads” and “under the sea” themes are both BANNED by the production committee, but “dads under the sea” is a theme for the ages. It is a tragedy that this theme will not be utilized during nova’s autumn 2014 dance. (However, if you wish to dress as a dad under the sea, nobody will stop you)


In all seriousness though, I am glad that “ghost ship” is the theme. Personally, I’m not very fond of school dances, but gHOST SHIPS…

Ghost ship themed clothing/costumes would be nice, but wear whatever you want!


Tickets are $5 if you buy them ahead of time! Tickets are being sold near the front door at lunch! Tickets are $8 if you buy them at the dance. You can bring a friend but you need to fill out a guest sheet beforehand. Ask Tristan or someone from productions committee for details. Buy your tickets today! do it. The end is slowly approaching.

if you’ve got some spare time, please come help out with the setup for the dance! if nobody works on it, the dance won’t happen and help is very much appreciated! There is a song selection sheet posted on debbie’s classroom door if you want to suggest any music!

Human EnteroVirus D68

Ah, the month of September has come to a close. It’s been a somewhat eventful (or uneventful) 30 days. We each came back to school, a year closer to adulthood. For some, our first step into high school life. Gotta give a shoutout to those freshmen there 😉

We have now survived our first month of what is considered a prison to some. Well done. Clap. Clap. Throughout this month we have chosen and adjusted to our new schedules, made new friends, rekindled with some old ones, and for many of us, set goals to accomplish in this new year. Some are planning their Halloween costumes now. And for 20 students at Nova High School during week #2: catching a cold.

I was one of these students. And trust me, I did not particularly enjoy my week off (surprisingly). I felt so miserable I couldn’t even focus on entertaining myself with computers and iPhones like usual. Thus, my experience was quite boring.


I may as well explain my story in more detail. It started on a Thursday when I woke up with a sore throat. Nothing too terrible, though it hurt to speak. I initially thinking this was just a one day thing, shrugged it off and went to school as per usual. Other than being mute all day, things went normal. That Thursday was actually my first day in Debbie’s NovaKnows class. There’s your fun fact of the day kids. By 9PM that night however, I knew I wasn’t coming back to school the next day.


I spent Friday, the weekend and the entire following week, including its weekend confined to a bed. And trust me when I say that it was not fun whatsoever. I pretty much had a sore throat, cough, runny nose, fever and headache all wrapped up in one big bow. Sadly a gift receipt was not included. I appreciate my dog Zoey for staying by my side the entire time, but she couldn’t do much to keep me entertained besides sleep and assault my face with a thousand licks per second.


I’ve gotten sick plenty of times in the past, just like everyone else does. My history ranges from the common cold to whooping cough. The thing with me getting sick for whatever reason is that when I go down, I go down hard. Colds always had a thing for smacking me hard, and they always linger around. The current record is from 4th Grade when I had a sinus infection. Lasted from Thanksgiving to New Years Eve. Coughing up mucus in front of the entire class: not one of my proudest moments. Just like my previous colds, this recent one hit me hard and lingers around. It’s whittled down to just a runny nose and a really annoying cough now, but like I just said, annoying.


While I’ve been deemed well enough to attend school again (the judges being an impatient Mother and an annoyed me), I’m still being careful at this moment. During my week out I saw a news report or two talking about a virus that’s been hospitalizing kids left and right. Mom briefly theorized that this was what I had, but with little actual evidence, 0 doctor appointments and her history of crazy whacked out stuff (she wanted to be Godzilla’s Waifu at one point) that pops into her head, I don’t think this woman is the best resource. Still, the topic intrigued me a bit.


And that’s how I got here: sitting in the computer lab typing this article while listening to Vocaloid music.


Enough about my experience, it’s time for the actual news. Like mentioned earlier, I saw the news talking about a massive virus going around right now. During my research for this article, this bug had a few name variations; the full name though being “Human Enterovirus D68”. Try saying that 5 times fast.

I interviewed several Nova Students and even a few staff members. I printed out 20 sheets of questions to be exact. And the response was quite underwhelming: I only got 4 back. Wow Nova. Just, wow. Not satisfied with this lack of response, I went and interviewed some people in person, using my phone as a recorder. Sadly the battery decided that it hates me today, draining itself to 50% just for doing nothing. Amazing, huh? So I only managed to get 4 interviews in before I decided to stop before the thing dies on me. Slow Clap.


So only having the opinions of 8 people to go off of, what information do I have to share? Before I answer my own question I feel that I need to put up this disclaimer:


Nova, it is your fault I can’t write an informative article on your own website. So if what I put in the next section is dumb or lacks any information for this article to benefit from, you only have yourselves to blame. It’s all your fault.


Now that that’s out of the way, let’s look at the responses we did get.


Borderline everyone had little to no knowledge about this virus. A good amount straight up never heard of it, which baffled me quite a bit. I’m guessing this microscopic population of our school just hasn’t been watching the news lately, but it’s still baffling to me.


Next interesting tidbit being the section of the interview asked if the person or someone they know had gotten sick recently. Little less than half said yes, telling stories about their younger siblings, friends and one even went into great detail about their sick cat. Okay I lied about that last one lol.


After the questions had all been satisfied, I would then tell the person some facts and bits of information about our friend D68. And now it’s all of you guy’s turn.

For those who don’t know, Human Enterovirus D68 was first identified in 1962 California, but has rarely been seen ever since. This gave doctors and health officials very little ground work to build on in preparation for the current outbreak. An outbreak that has hospitalized hundreds of children in 22 states in less than a month. Like, seriously. Reports released back on the 11th only claimed that the virus has taken over 10 states. In such a short time the finger climbed pretty far. This is due to how highly contagious this thing is, spreading person to person via coughing, sneezing and by touching infected surfaces. A common method, but definitely an effective one. This virus’ main target is children, ranging from infants to age 18. The most susceptible are patients with respiratory conditions such as Asthma. These people as well as children ages 5 and under could have a fatal experience with this thing. After all, everyone’s just getting back to school; it’s a germy playground right now. And thanks to the limited previous experience, there really isn’t much of any vaccine or cure right now.


Enterovirus 68 likes to mimic the common cold at first, with symptoms including fever, runny nose, sneezing, coughing and body and muscle aches. However, despite initial perceptions, the virus can quickly become severe, adding wheezing and difficulty breathing to the mix. It’s no wonder asthmatic children can find this deadly. Thankfully no one has died yet, though according to several news reports across the country, a couple kids did come close.


So what can the Nova community do about this outbreak? Well, pretty much the basics of hygiene and disease prevention: cover coughs and sneezes, keep a safe distance from those showing symptoms, stay home when sick. And goodness, for the love of everything that is holy, wash your hands. Often.

Personally I see this as a golden opportunity to snatch one of those scented hand sanitizers at Bath&BodyWorks with a really cute rubbery animal case. I kinda hate how regular hand sanitizers smell. It’s a punch to the face if you ask me. But i’m getting off topic.

Let us hope this doesn’t take us out. Stay healthy my friends 😉


Image Sourcing

Note: all featured images are from Google

September Calendar:

Coughing Girl:

Enterovirus D68:

Protection Instructions:

Hand Washing:

Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizers:


You know that feeling you get when you are about to start something new? Whether it’s an art piece, or a poem, or whatever, and you’re so motivated and ready to get started, yet you suddenly don’t even know how.

That blank white paper on the table simply just stares at you, and it’s kind of intimidating. That’s kinda how I felt when I decided to make this post.


During signups I failed to get into 3 classes I wanted (early bird gets the worm). One of them was Fall of the Fantasy with Allegra. My backup class was Narratives of Possibility with Brian; which I am now taking.

The main reason I wanted to get in that class so much was so I could work on a project I already had going on. It’s a fanfic for something that despite common misconceptions, is not an actual anime or manga. This is going to take some explaining to do, which will be dedicated to this post.

Vocaloid is a music software. The concept is basically to have a singer in a box, and to give a voice to musicians who cannot sing (or just choose not to for whatever reason). The way this software works is that we have a real life person record voice sample of various phonemes. With the software, you can take these samples and arrange them into songs. You can lengthen them, you can add a vibrato, etc. With so many different singers out in the world, as you can imagine there are many possibilities for many different voices.


A popular thing to do with these individual voices is to give them a name and avatar. While naming each individual voice has been a thing since the very beginning, giving each one a cute avatar only became a conscious effort during the development of Hatsune Miku.

Appealing to both musicians and Otaku fans alike, Miku was and continues to be the most popular Vocaloid available. With songs for her to sing, animations featuring her, cosplays of her, fanfiction to star in and fan art of her for days on end, there just isn’t any competition. Her developers, Crypton Future Media, recognize her popularity with merchandise, video games and as proven by the link above this paragraph, a couple live concerts. Miku has become a huge phenomenon in Japan and Otaku fans all over the world. I’m just a single member of this giant fan base, and a proud one. Because Miku has no official personality, that leaves fans to interpret her in just about any way they want. I promise you, if you’re scrolling through her fan works, you’ll find one depicting Miku as this sweet and cheery girl with lots of energy, the next a total evil bitch. It’s that diverse.

Seven years have passed by since her release, and many more Vocaloids and even more characters have been added to the roster. Just about all of them (with few and far exceptions) go by the same rules as Miku; cute anime-like avatar, often times artificial sounding voice, little to no personality. Two of these “exception” Vocaloids are both produced by i-Style Project. These Vocaloids are Aoki Lapis and Merli.

Lapis Demo Song:

Merli Demo Song:

Lapis & Merli Duet Demo:

Aoki Lapis was released in April of 2011 with Merli following up in December 2012. These two are a bit different from their Vocaloid predecessors for various reasons. 1. they are the first pair of Vocaloids confirmed to be siblings (Rin and Len technically don’t count. The Kagamines are merely up for interpretations. This is why you’ll find one song depicting them as a couple, the next as twins. I prefer twins). Lapis is the younger sibling while Merli is the elder one. 2. Lapis is 15 cm tall with Merli being 16 cm. This is not a misprint. The sisters are fairies.

Lapis is described to belong to a special race of fairies capable of converting songs into power, and are only visible to a subset of the human population. Lapis’ singing in particular is described to be able to grant energy to the listener and give life to those around her. Unfortunately for her however, Lapis’ bio also states that she has amnesia.

Merli on the other hand is described to be a bit of a contrast to her sister. Her songs draw energy out of others. If Lapis can be seen as ‘light’, then Merli is ‘dark’. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Merli is evil though. She is also described as strong-minded and tsundere. And while she acts like she knows everything, the reality is that Merli is quite naive and innocent.

Because of the fantasy aspect, these characters already inherently appeal to me. It’s also thanks to their descriptions that get the gears in my head turning. While true, the sisters are a bit of a sharp contrast to each other, I think it’s a nice one and I look forward to seeing how they play off of each other. Also as demonstrated in those demos I linked earlier, their voices sound beautiful. I love listening to them. While Lapis is light and breathy, Merli has a sense of darkness and maturity. Have the two harmonize like in Immature World, and they just work together beautifully. Plus their designs. They. Are. GORGEOUS!!! No doubt these are two of my favorite Vocaloid characters period.


Now, about the project that I mentioned near the beginning of this post, well,…’ll just have to hear about it some other time trololol!!! Seriously though, this post is already long enough and I have so much more to talk about. Information on this project is worthy of it’s own post. I just needed to explain what the heck is even going on.

Here’s a treat for when you leave this page: the very vocaloid video I was listening to while typing this; which sounds weird when one of your headphone speakers are broken…… MOM!!! *walks away to request a new pair*


Image Source:

Stock Image

Blank Paper:

Official Art

Aoki Lapis and Merli wallpaper by i-Style Project:


Vocaloid Software by Yamaha:

Anon and Kanon Heart Chrome Music Video:

Product and Merchandise

Hatsune Miku box art by Crypton Future Media and Yamaha:

Aoki Lapis and Merli wall scroll by i-Style Project:

Fan Art citation needed

All Vocaloid Characters:

Aoki Lapis wallpaper by sonnyaws on DeviantArt:

Merli wallpaper by april4luck on DeviantArt:

Note: All images were optioned from Google

Hair Products

The hair company American Crew makes all sorts of different hair products. For all types of hair, from long hair, to medium length hair, to short hair. It is up to the buyer and what they are looking for when it comes to choosing which one to buy. I will be talking about 3 products in this review that I have personally used for my hair, and the different hairstyles you can do with each one.

The first one is Crew: Fiber. This product is really good for short hair. We are talking 1-4 inches. If you are looking for really texturizing hair and thickness, then I highly recommend this product. It has a high hold, and a matte finish, so it is going to leave you with a natural finish as if you have no product in. It is also very moldable throughout the day, and the high hold is perfect for when it is windy outside, your hair won’t move around or get out of place. For the best use, apply a small pea sized amount to your hair when it is damp or even dry. Keep in mind that it is a highhold, so you want to get it into the roots of the hair. That could be hard at times since it has a wax finish to it so make sure you warm up the product in the palm of your hands and then apply it!

Price: $16

The next one is called Crew: Forming Cream. This is my personal favorite at the moment. It has a medium shine and medium hold. It doesn’t have the thickness and high hold as the Fiber, but this one is definitely easier to apply to your hair. It is a cream based product. As you begin to rub it through your hands, it begins to get a bit thicker and this is where the medium hold comes into play. It will give your hair more thickness as you being to apply it throughout the hair. I recommend this hair product for all types of hair, because of the fact that it has a medium hold so you can apply it very easy to hair types and mold it however you want. The more you play with it in your hair, the thicker it gets. It also leaves your hair in a low shine so it has that natural shine and not have it look all dried out. It is very great for slick backs, pompadours, and all those great styles. I have personally been using it for a messy slick back look, and I can tell you that this is the best product for achieving just that!

Price: $16

The last and final product is Crew: Pomade. This is also one of my favorites and also a fan favorite. it is very similar to Crew: Forming Cream in the sense they both have medium hold. Only difference is the Pomade has a shiny finish.This is really great for short hair as well and for curly hair. It has a medium hold, but a high shine to it. So if you’re the type that’s looking for a good holding product with a high shine, I highly recommend this for you. It is a water based hair product, and provides a good hold with a smooth shiny finish. This one as well as the Forming Cream is very easy to apply to your hair.

Price: $16

As you can see, the company Crew carries a lot of variety of hair products to achieve your desired hairstyle. Those were only a few of the hair products they carry, there are a lot more they offer. Its just a matter of what hairstyle you are looking for. You can buy most of their products at local retailers, such as Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc. As well as your local hair salons.

The Nova Project

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