Nova – Transferring Update/Blog

My name is Charlie and I recently transferred here from a school in Edmonds, so I wanted to write a blog about my experience transferring to Nova, here it goes.

I came to this school a couple months ago right when I moved to Seattle in September. I had a meeting with some people at the school including my Coordinator Allison about coming here and what it was like before I started., The school  was definitely interesting and weird in how different it was, but I also liked it because it wasn’t at structured as “normal” public schools. I learned that a lot of the classes rely on your creativity and talents to succeed instead of JUST studying and memorizing and homework.

Since I moved here right when school started it was a little difficult in the first month–I missed a lot of school, and was sick all the time–but I’m starting to learn the basics of the classes and my schedule etc., and it is getting a bit easier. I like that everyone has a coor that helps you with your assignments and scheduling and meets with you. It is pretty helpful, and being able to even text or email with your coordinator so easily, makes organization and planning much easier. This is something positive about this school because I have a hard time planning things and with procrastination and remembering assignments and meetings, so it has helped me a bit so far.

Overall, I am getting used to Nova, I like most of my classes already. Blogging class has helped me write better; resource block is just like my old school’s “Learning Lab” so I’m glad they have a study and homework class here; and, freshamation is interesting because I have always wanted to animate something.

To sum it up: so far I think I’m warming up a bit to Nova, but I still miss my hometown and old school.  It is a lot different here than my normal public school, but I think it’s good for me.

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