Nova student survey

Algebra  students recently created a survey for Nova students to take that was detailed and supportive. Questions for the survey gave more in-depth options for gender, bullying and more, with the goal of truly representing what the kids in this school have gone through. The survey can be done anonymously and can be taken by every student at Nova who wants to contribute. The main purpose is to give the district a better and more diverse reflection of the students here, and to give them more funding for the teachers who were let go earlier in the semester. This survey is important to take for the kids who care about Nova and gathering data for the school, and was taken by many November 19th and 20th in the cafeteria.

It is important that the district better understands Nova students so that they can make a better judgement about whether to give us more funding and save the teachers. A lot of the kids at Nova are LGBTQ and have been abused and/or have bad family situations, and Nova students feel the survey given by the district has not represented what they are going through/have gone through. rAfter a walkout created by Nova students earlier this semester, along with a GoFundMe raising $30,000 dollars as of November 5th, nothing has been done still by the district to save the teachers or give Nova more funding, resulting in this idea for a more detailed survey.

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