Nova student engagement

Nova high school is unique to me, because when I went to my previous school, students having a voice in the community wasn’t a priority, like at Nova we have a hiring committee, that gives students a voice for hiring teachers.  

Since joining Nova, I have noticed how open and involved the community is. Having committees be a requirement has been helpful to me because I’m not one who joins after school clubs or activities. I switched around between  lots of committees, I went to yearbook, to artshare, and I ended up going to Planet Nova, which I still am in, and am fairly active in. At first, I joined yearbook, because that is where a majority of the people I knew at Nova were. But now, after seeing Planet Nova, I  independently joined my senior year, and even later had some people join with me.

During Planet Nova, we talk about we can be more environmentally friendly, we switch the composts, talk about the farm that is behind the building, and we pick up trash around smokers section.

I talked to some people, asking them for ideas about the Nova committees, and which ones they are involved with.

The first person I talked to was Autumn W, who has been at Nova for half a year.

How do you feel about committees?  

Autumn “I don’t really like them. They are time consuming, I wish that they were not a requirement, and more like a club”

What committee are you in right now?

“Planet Nova.”

Do you enjoy planet nova?

“Yeah I like it, I just can never be there because I work.”

Another person I talked to was Luke, who has been at Nova for all 4 years.  

Do you think there are good options for committees?  

Luke H“ I don’t know anything about the other committees enough.”

What committee are you in right now and do you enjoy it?

“I attend art share, I enjoy it and care about it.

I see it as another another class, I treat it as another class, I am passionate about it.”  

The last person I talked to was Noah, a freshman.   

 Do you like having committees?

Noah “I mean I don’t like going to them, but they are important in the community.”

What are you currently in?

“In two: yearbook and sound”

[sound committee [ sound committee is about making music in the band room]

How much do you go?

“Every week”

Do you like your committees?


So you do like having them?   

“I don’t enjoy yearbook.”

What I take from talking to these three of people, is that having committees as a requirement, can be a drag, because it is not a class, and most don’t require homework, or stuff to work on after school, but it is still a obligation  to have at least one.

Though it can be annoying at times, to get myself to go to my committee and participate in it, I remember that  I need it for graduation, and I need to push myself a little more, and do something maybe outside of my “comfort zone” like actually engage and work for the community, not just for my personal education

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