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When you walk into the main doors at Nova Alternative High School on Thursday mornings, you might be thinking about your plans this weekend or how excited you are to see your friends and go get some sub par coffee at the ampm. But on Thursday mornings for a few select students, including myself, we have different priorities. It’s Shadow day, meaning high schoolers from all around the greater Seattle area come and get a tour to see if maybe it’s time to make a switch to Nova. Some of them are eager to check out our amazing school and some of them are more quiet and reserved, not wanting to get noticed, but nonetheless eager.

I love recruitment so much. A large chunk of Nova’s funding comes from the district formula including how many kids are enrolled at our school. This is where recruitment comes in. Our job is to show parents and students alike why Nova is the right fit for their kids. Recruitment offers three basic services on a weekly to monthly basis: shadows, tours for families, and introduction to Nova for 8th graders,.

 Shadows are every week. As long as someone has signed up, one of us will be in the office ready to welcome them at 8:30 in the morning. For shadows we take them to our first two classes of the day and then at 11:15 we take them to our amazing principal, Mark Perry, for debrief and Q&A. 

The second service we offer is a tour for parents (but students often accompany them as well). This tour is much shorter and more about showing the parents why our school could be right for their kids and their needs. 

The third service we offer is an intro morning where eighth grade students take a tour, do a Q&A, and then go to classes and see what the classes are like. I myself did an intro day in eighth grade and it changed my life, because I saw myself being successful at this school.

The Recruitment Team does much more than just touring people around the school. We manage all social media as well as the Nova website. We also send postcards to every eighth grader in the district to let them know that Nova is an option. We even host the open house. With all of the amazing programs Nova has to offer, I want more people to experience what it’s like going to Nova, and for these reasons and more,  that is why I volunteer for recruitment.

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