Nova and colleges

I’m sure when you were figuring out what high school to go to you were told something along the lines of “but don’t you want to get into college?” “You know it’ll be harder to get into college if you go to an alternative school, right?” So, is it really harder for students going to alternative high schools to get into college?

At an appointment with Novas career/college advisor Jennifer, I asked her about college. She explained that it isn’t actually more difficult for alternative high school students to get into college. When applying for colleges, your coordinator can help you make a portfolio for you to send into colleges. However, if you are thinking of going to college you should send in at least one SAT or ACT score, and that seems especially important since Nova doesn’t have GPA or regular grades that colleges might look at for admissions. However, not all colleges actually require, or even want to see SAT/ACT scores.

When I asked Debbie what she had to say about Nova students getting into college, she said the following: “I think it is the best high school in the city to get into college from! I think this is because of our coordinating system. Each coordinator knows their graduating seniors really well and can help them through the entire process–from choosing the right schools to apply to, all the way through what to do if you get waitlisted.”  

On Wednesdays during committee time in Debbie’s room, you can find her and Jennifer talking to students about college in Room 220. If you have questions about applying to college you can come to the committee as many times as you like. You can also make a meeting with your coordinator, or with Jennifer, who works in the office off of the office.

But what if you don’t want to go to college? Well, there are many things you can do instead of go to college. These things include starting a business, apprenticeship/fellowship, volunteer, or maybe even join the military (make sure to do research before going through, this is a very important decision that has long term impacts).


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