New $113 million ocean pavillion tank coming to Seattle aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium has had the idea to build this giant 325,000 gallon ocean pavillion with an overlook, and the ability to view it from the new viaduct which will have around 90,000 cars passing it a day!

The city council approved taking $23 million from taxpayers’ money to help fund what the aquarium couldn’t pay for. The idea has been around to build it since 2013 but they didn’t get it fully approved until recently. 

Some people think it’s a great idea because it will bring over 1.2 million people to the aquarium a year compared to the current 800,000. But other people think the $23 million would be better used to help the homelessness problem in Seattle. Personally I like the idea because it will be crazy to look at when driving by and I think it’s good because a reason they are making it is to help spread awareness about the coral reefs dying and I think it’s important for the next generation to be aware of that, also just the fact there’s gonna be a huge shark tank in front of the aquarium is cool.

They are predicting it will be finished in 2022 if everything goes as planned.

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