My top foreign dubs in animated movies



I go on Youtube a lot and I thought it would be a cool idea to do something I have been seeing recently on Youtube and that is…. Doing my own Top foreign dubs in animated movies!!! I thought it would be a cool idea to do an article on this because I like to watch animated movies/tv shows. Also I like to hear foreign dubs I think they’re interesting to listen to. For my list though I decided to exclude English dubs, because I feel like that would be cheating and these are different languages. These are on my personal favorite cartoon characters.


  1. Top 8 Goofy (Disney character) voices


  1. Top 15 Mushu from Mulan voices


  1. Top 10 Dory from Finding Nemo


  • Danish Dory – voiced by Danish comedian Mette Lisby. She was pretty fun and humorous to listen to. I wish I could hear her voice more in in animated movies or tv shows.  


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