My top foreign dubs in animated movies part 2

Welcome to part two of my top foreign dubs in animated movies, as I said, or I mean typed. In my part one I decided to exclude English dubs, because I feel like that would be cheating, and these are different languages. These that follow are on my personal favorite cartoon characters. Pairs such as Timon and Pumbaa are out, as much as I am a huge fan of Timon and Pumbaa, it would be too hard to do a top list on them, but I’ll give you a link down below to see who your favorites are:, , ,,


Top 13 Genies from Aladdin


Top 10 Lumieres from Beauty and the Beast

  • Arabic Lumiere – voiced by Botros Botros Ghali. I thought he did a good job with the French accent, he sounded like he was meant to entertain and he was settle while again being entertaining and joyful.
  • Czech Lumiere – voiced by Karel Gult. He also does a good job at having a French accent, being in character.  
  • EU Portuguese Lumiere – voiced by Fernando Luís. I love his voice the first time I heard it he was clearly having a good time with the role and you can hear it. He does a good job with the French accent and he just made me happy.
  • French Lumiere – voiced by Daniel Beretta. He was a but settle but at the same time very in the role being entertaining and on point. I hope to hear more of this actor.
  • German Lumiere – voiced by Joachim Kemmer. He was the first foreign dub of Lumiere that I have listened to. I thought he nailed at doing a French accent and just being in character. I also consider myself a fan of Joachim Kemmer he did the voice of Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, Jafar from Aladdin, Rafiki from The Lion King 1 and 2 and other roles. He unfortunately died in April 26, 2000. ,
  • Greek Lumiere – voiced by Yióryos Mázis. I loved his performance the moment he started talking he was a entertainer, he had the French accent, and he clearly sounded like he was having fun with the role. ttps://
  • Hindi Lumiere – voiced by Anil Datt (speaking) & François Castellino​ (singing). Ok he may not have the French accent but he definitely had a voice that sort of fit the role he sounded like he was having fun and I thought he was pretty cool to listen to.
  • Icelandic Lumiere – voiced by Karl Ágúst Úlfsson. I’m running out of words but Iceland picked a great dubbing for Lumiere, again good French accent, and pretty great to listen to.
  • Norwegian Lumiere – voiced by Toralv Maurstad. He was one of those Lumieres that had the persona, the French accent, and was just fantastically fun. Please do more acting Toralv. ttps://
  • Swedish Lumiere – voiced by Jan Malmsjö. What I like about his performance is that he’s settle but still has the energeticness and entertainment value to the role. He was well… fantastic and fun to listen to well done Jan.
  • Honorable Mentions: Brazilian Portuguese Lumiere – voiced by Ivon Cury , Castilian Lumiere voiced by Miguel Ángel Jenner. , Dutch Lumiere – voiced by Arnold Gelderman ,  Finnish Lumiere – voiced by Juha Muje ,


Top 4 Roger Rabbits from Who Framed Roger Rabbit

  • French Roger Rabbit – voiced by Luq Hamet. He along with others on this list has a funny and unique voice. That to me makes Roger Rabbit and he captured that. But I will admit his voice could be pretty annoying to other people and could be too high pitch.
  • German Roger Rabbit – voiced by Wolfgang Ziffer. His voices is just hilarious to hear. I like Wolfgang’s acting, he has done roles such as Buster Bunny from Tiny Toon Adventures, Iago from Aladdin, C-3PO in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, Shaggy from Scooby-Doo and other roles. He might not sound as Roger Rabbit as much as the other three I admit, but he still did a hilariously great job.
  • Italian Roger Rabbit – voiced by Marco Mete. I think he sounds exactly like the English version, his voice was very funny and as much as I like all four of them I like the Italian one the best.
  • Spanish Roger Rabbit – voiced by IDK. He was also great and sounded like the original version. He again had a humorous and fun voice. I wish I knew who did the voice of the Spanish dub of Roger Rabbit.


This isn’t really an animated movie but I couldn’t help but put this on here anyway, Top 5 Dr. Evil from The Austin Powers series



Top 2 Cartman from South Park bigger longer and uncut


  • German Cartman – voiced by Santiago Ziesmer. –  I just love Santiago he is such a delight to listen to. This is definitely one of my favorite roles from him he sounds hilariously aggressive. I’m consider myself a fan of Santiago his voice is funny and charming on whatever role you give him.
  • Japanese Cartman – voiced by IDK. Technically this voice doesn’t quite fit but I don’t know I thought it was good just not as good as the German or original one. But still good job!

Here are some other ones but I wasn’t a fan of personally: French Cartman –, Latin Spanish Cartman –

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