My Bio-Dome review


by Morgan Funches


A month or two ago this summer 2018 I watched the movie Biodome which stars comedian Pauly Shore and actor Stephen Baldwin. Before I watched this piece of filth I have seen Nostalgia Critics review on the movie (a web critic on youtube that I watch sometimes), and it wasn’t a very good review that’s for sure. But I wanted to see how bad it was for myself and put my own thought about the movie. The movie in my personal opinion was …….


Terrible, I mean really terrible. The plot is about two unlikable characters name Bud (Pauly Shore) and Doyle (Stephen Baldwin) enter what they think is a mall is actually a BioDome which they get themselves locked inside for a year with a group of environmental scientists and they do a lot of chaos like breaking science projects, being annoyingly childish, perverted, and just not shutting up in general. I mean did the people who made this movie think this was comedy gold?… Maybe a kid would like this movie, but I say maybe because even a kid deserves better than watching this movie.


The acting was bland and/or just too much, particularly Pauly Shore’s and Stephen Baldwin’s performances. First let me say that I have mixed feelings with Pauly Shore. I think yes he can be annoying like in this film and I don’t like his stand-up comedy but he can also be funny. I actually did like him in Son in Law and The Goofy movies as Bobby Zimuruski. I think people liked him in Encino Man but i’ve never seen it. As for Stephen Baldwin, don’t get me started with him, I think he is one of the worst actors I’ve seen since I’ve seen his performance in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, another bad film, but still not as terrible as BioDome.


I’ll talk about the characters in the film now. Bud and Doyle are probably two of the worst movie characters like I said, or I’m sorry, I meant typed, before they come off as annoying, immature, unfunny and childish. I mean sure they change at the end (spoiler alert) but that’s an excuse to make them likable and well I’m sorry that didn’t work for me. I felt honestly kind of bad for the girlfriends of Bud and Doyle. They would have been better off with guys who actually gave a crap about the environment. Not only did I feel bad for the girlfriends, I also felt bad for the environmental scientists who had to deal with these buffoons in the BioDome.


The settings of the movie looked kind of like a low-budget music video set. To conclude, if I had to give this movie a simple grade, I would give it a big fat F-, but then I thought to myself, no this deserves more than an F-, it deserves a big fat Z-. This movie was annoyingly unfunny, dumb, and lacks any charm. This movie would definitely be at my top 30 worst movies of all time.  

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