Local restaurants in the area

     The Central District isn’t filled with large populated restaurants, as somewhere like downtown,  but that definitely doesn’t mean there aren’t quite a few tasty places to eat.

Most of the food businesses are locally owned, and locally run. I’ve been at nova for almost 2 years, and before, i didn’t come down to the central District much, so I was never able to try the few restaurants in the area   

One of my favorite places to eat, is Cherry Streat Thai, just down the block from Nova, at  It is a family-owned Thai restaurant that’s been around for a while. .

I decided to do a poll around the school, and see what are some of the local restaurants students eat at, and what place was the most popular.

I asked about: Cherry Street Thai. Golden wheat bakery, Fats chicken and waffles,  and King’s Deli


Cherry street thai 1


Golden wheat  1

Kings 1

Golden wheat 1

Golden wheat  1

Cherry street  1

Cherry street thai 1

Looking at the graph, you can see that cherry street thai has the most votes on it. Maybe it’s because it’s the closest restaurant to Nova or maybe it’s because taking a big bite of warm Pad Thai during cold winter days and being able to wash it down with a sweet sip of Thai ice tea is ideal. The authentic items on the menu are so hard to choose among, from sweet neatly rolled fresh spring rolls, to hot curry noodles.

But just because cherry street won the popular votes, doesn’t always mean that it is the #1 best place in the area for everyone. There is lots of diversity of local restaurants, from Golden Wheat, which is not just a normal bakery, they also serve authentic tamales, made by the owners who happen to be Nova parents. Ezels,  is quick and usually packed full of hungry people. There is also Fats, a delicious southern restaurant, with a large menu. Lastly on this list, there is Kings, a deli and quick mart, that has warm delicious jojo fries.

These authentic restaurants I talked about are only a few in the neighborhood, I would recommend going and supporting your local businesses!

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