Life Question 1

Water, light and my life in Seattle.

I am 16 year old and I live in the Seattle area. I am a sophmore in highschool and I cannot stop thinking about what is next for my life. I don’t know where I am headed but I am doing everything in my power to ensure that the future that will come is the best outcome for my life. I am constantly wondering and trying to find out what is next but that distracts me from the present. I don’t know whether I have any control anyway which is what I am constantly battling with. My connection to people and spirituality I hope will allow for my life and myself to grow in a positive manner without carrying me too far off the track I would be on if I did not care.

Finding things that make me happier and feel more free is what I am looking for. Finding a profession that will suit my financial and emotional needs is important to me and I truly hope one day I will succeed. But is the process of “succeeding” worth my time if it meets my financial needs but not my emotional? I find myself torn between my materialistic tendencies as a consumer in society, and my want to be free and alone or with people I care about in an environment where I am not worried about my financial status because I am content. I feel like keeping my options open at this time in my life in important because I don’t know how long I will be in this period of uncertainty.
My main goals at this time are to stay in school to ensure that I will be able to choose an option later that will suit my needs. So far what interests me is traveling, designing, photography, and exercise. I don’t want to accidentally put myself in a situation where I am working a low-pay job for a company I don’t even support. I also don’t want  to have to resort to joining the military, supporting a part of our government I choose not to support due to the violence and motive behind actions they take part in. I want to be successful in the eyes of myself, my family, and society. To find a balance between work and hobbies and family is what I need