iphone XS and ipad pro

Every year, Apple releases new phones, products, etc. recently they had an unveiling of their newest products, such as new things for the Apple Watch, new phones, and more. Let’s see some of what they revealed and compare to what they released last year.




The iPhone XS is Apple’s newest official phone that they announced, and it looks quite interesting, but does it live up to the hype? This iPhone has the largest display yet, and new special features like wireless charging, etc. And it also has new custom OLED displays that give it the most accurate color ever on an iPhone, as they put it on their website. This iPhone also has a 5’8 inch display (almost half a foot long), iPhones keep getting bigger and bigger apparently. There are some controversies however, many people who are skeptical of apple saying that Tim Cook is not really innovating at all, and the new iPhone has not changed much. It is pretty expensive, it can go up to and even over $1000, and that is a lot of money for a phone.

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro looks to be Apple’s coolest iPad yet with better display, a stylist, new apple programs, and more. At 10.5 inches this thing is huge, and the price comes in at $649.99 which for an iPad, is a lot of money.

They say it is “like a computer, yet unlike any computer” so I guess they are trying to be innovative, which seems to be working as it is getting decent reviews. The stylist or “Apple Pencil” lets you edit photos, emails, PDFs etc. which sounds pretty cool, but it is pretty expensive. The thing that really sells it for me is the augmented reality stuff, and the cool art and pictures you can make with it though. The editing on this thing is quite like programs on a computer, but suited for an iPad, which I think is pretty cool instead of just making a generic tablet that is just bigger than thei last.


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