How to Submit an Article

An article should have a number of elements to make it appealing to readers and to robots. You should start by naming your article:

Then, you should add a relevant image to the top of your article. Landscape format images are preferred; portrait format images will look weird and unprofessional. You can do this by selecting “Add Media.” From there you will have two options to add an image. You can upload an image from your computer:

You can also add an image from a URL:

When adding an image, it can be useful to add “alt text,” or a simple description of the image. This is how search engines categorize images, and in the event a computer can’t load the image, the alt text will display in its place.

The image you add may be too big or too small. You can resize it by dragging the corner. In general, you want landscape images to be around 700px wide, but they can be bigger or smaller depending on how you want your article to look.

From there, you can write or paste in your article below the image. You can also add images into the text of your article by selecting where you want the image to go, and following the steps above.

When you are done with your article, you should write a snippet. This should be a brief (100-150 characters) summary of your article. The snippet editor can be found under the text editor:

Once you’ve written your snippet, close the snippet editor:

Next, you should categorize your article. On the right hand side of the post editor, there is a “Categories” panel. Check the box next to “Blog:”

Once you’ve done that, you’re done! You can preview your post, save your draft for later, or submit it for review with “Publish:”

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