How abstract the word “normal” is


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  1. conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

There are many instances where the word normal is used. Sometimes it’s to be insulting, sometimes it’s used in a fearful situation, or just a harmless statement of facts. Yet, however you may say it, in any situation, someone will always take it differently. It’s a very misleading word if not used in the correct scenario. But what is the right scenario?

Truth be told, there is none. Or, at least there shouldn’t be. Because normal is abstract, and should never be applied to a human being. So why do we still use the word? Does it bring us comfort? Do we always need to make something have a default? Why do we need defaults?

Lara Randolph said“Normal is average. Average is boring. Average is what most people do.” And she applies normal with “Normal alcoholics. Meaning people that have a few drinks, start feeling light headed and stop.” She takes “you’re not acting normal” as a compliment, because “Normal is average, and we need leaders, not followers.”

Ruby Randolph flat out she says she hates the word “normal”. “Normal is something everybody does, that’s boring. I just don’t want to be normal, because normal sucks. I don’t know, I’m a weird person. In my path of life, I see normal nowhere.”

And I’m pretty sure you already know where I, Sebastian Randolph, stand. We don’t need it, because the word doesn’t really do anything but tear us apart. Imagine you’re talking to someone and all of a sudden they say “you’re very abnormal, you know that?”. It may sound out of the blue, but from my experience, that scenario could very well happen. The word can hurt people and their self esteem and/or self image, even though the speaker of the word could be unintentional, or unaware of the effects, if any.

But, if we really needed the word, why not use it to apply to yourself? You could use the word to limit yourself, not others. If you really wished for things to be “normal”, then it’s only right for you to apply it to yourself. Yet, if everyone was “normal”, then you wouldn’t be unique. You wouldn’t be special, and you wouldn’t be yourself.

Yes, I understand why the word would be used. Someone’s having a bad day and you say or think that “They’re not acting normal”. Because the truth is, that’s their normal. I have some Autism and I’m Schizoaffective, I I perceive and react differently to someone who is not autistic/schizoaffective. I’m normal to myself, and that’s all I want. And that’s all that matters.

With the world changing everyday, little and big changes every second, maybe the word will be reclaimed for not applying it to other human beings, or, applied in a harmful way to others. Because not everyone knows of the effect that word has to others.

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