Fall Baths: Tips and Products I Love

Bathtime is a ritual for me, especially during fall. The weather becomes cooler, the air is crip and the sky is dark. A bath is a great way to unwind and provides clarity which can be much needed in this time of year, especially with many starting school this season. There is no “wrong” way to take a bath necessarily, but I have some tips and products i’ve found helpful to relieve stress and maximize my bath experience.


First, setting the mood. I often play soothing music and prefer to keep light to a minimum. For me, this means turning off all artificial light and replacing it with candles. My personal favorite is the Marshmallow Fireside candle from Bath and Body Works… The scent instantly gives me flashbacks of making smores with my family, which is something I love to remember. Next, adding some essential oils is well, essential! Scents such as lavender or tea tree oil have been proven to have many benefits such as improving brain function and reducing emotional stress and anxiety. An optional step that i’ve found helpful for hydrating and nourishing my sensitive skin has been adding oatmeal, coconut milk and oil, epsom salts, honey and ginger. Each of these alone has benefits such as releasing toxins, toning and moisturizing skin, easing muscle tension etc. so when combined it creates the perfect bath experience. Another tip I have is to adjust the bath temperature depending on your preference. Studies have proven ice baths can reduce swelling and sore muscles, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a way to unwind. Instead, increase the bath temperature to a bit above luke warm, without causing yourself to overheat. It is also important to hydrate while taking a bath as rising body temperatures could cause headaches, or even passing out. Make sure you bring some drinkable water into the bathroom with you to avoid this.


Now that i’ve exposed my secret tips and tricks to the perfect bath, I’d like to share some products I’ve found helpful for managing my sensitive and dry skin, as these symptoms can become worse during this time of year. Most face washes increase redness or even sometimes acne. I’ve tried countless products with little to no positive results until i found the Cetaphil brand Gentle foaming Facial Cleanser. Not only do the ingredients improve the appearance of fine lines and reduce acne, but it also leaves my skin feeling clean and softer. Typically, I follow up on this step by applying witch hazel to a cotton ball and rubbing it on my face as a toner. This has also been helpful in reducing acne and improving skin texture.


On the topic of skin texture–this dry, cold time of year can be horrendous for sensitive skin causing dryness and peeling. To avoid this I use the St. Ives apricot scrub at least once a week. This exfoliator is gentle enough for the face but still does the job of removing any dead skin.


I’ve had plenty of bad experiences with body soaps. Many throw off my PH balance or cause skin irritation due to added scents and other harsh ingredients. I found the Dove Sensitive Skin bar over the summer and haven’t looked back since. The soap is incredibly gentle yet still leaves you feeling and smelling clean, which is rare in such a simple soap. Finding this product has been a blessing and has completely changed the appearance of my skin for the better, leaving it clean, soft and glowing. I’d 100% recommend it.


These are just a few of many fall products i admire, but definitely not all of my favorites. I recommend trying them out along with my bath tips for the ultimate relaxing experience.


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