Evolution of the Band Room

The Nova band room has undergone many changes in the past 2 years, with many more expected. Next year, will the Nova band room be replaced with a new Teen Health Center? This raises many questions for the Sound committee and students of the band class.

When I first entered the band room in my first week at Nova, I was in paradise. Though I knew nothing about pro audio gear, only guitars and guitar amps, I could totally see myself spending a lot of time in here.

During bridge week, there was a workshop that included setting up a small PA to hold an all school assembly in the cafeteria. This is where I met two of my future band mates, Jaden Thrasher and Jack Bye. Though we met in the beginning of the year, we didn’t start playing together until the second semester, when the band class was officially revived.

By the time the band class started, the band room was split into two classrooms: one half for the band class, and the other for the sewing and fashion design class. This was the start of an ongoing war that would last through the rest of the school year, and into the next. While the room was split in two, that would be my most productive semester, gear repair wise. Everyone in the band class was tasked with fixing one piece of equipment, and I chose seemingly every guitar in the room. There was only one guitar in the room that played half decently, and everything else just fought against you. Not ideal for a beginner player, which is what the band class was sort of oriented towards.

The ongoing war between the sewing class quickly became an inside joke within the band class. At the end of every class, we would move over the divider separating the two portions of the room. We wouldn’t move it a considerable amount, just an inch or two. This regained territory temporarily, and we would gain a glorious couple of inches. That is, until the sewing teacher noticed and moved it back. This battle lasted up until early in the 2018-2019 school year, when sewing finally moved into a designated room: Room 221.

Reclaiming this much needed space in the band room opened up so many new opportunities for the band class, such as a PA I set up to be used as monitoring. As of today, it hasn’t really changed much. Not yet anyways.

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