England’s Fashion in the 1780s

If I could live in a time period it would be the 1780s or the 1850s in England.


  • They had a thing called a Mantua. Is was an open-fronted, usually silk or wool gown, with a train. They only wore it to court or special events.
  • The skirt part of the dress was usually dome or bell-shaped . Under the skirts they wore bloomers and pantaloons with lace .
  • Females wore false rumps  and put pads under their skirt to fill out their dress.
  • Boys wore shirts ,breeches ,waistcoats and coats. Men also wore those but they would wear their necks open.
  • Mens coats were fitted and trimmed differently than boys
    • Boys never really wore hats
    • Men wore wigs tied back

                                     England’s Fashion in the 1850s   

  • The end of the century wigs were out of fashion except for formal occasions


  • Coat skirts became less full-front cut and more into a curved line towards the back; waistcoats became shorter. The upper leg showed more by the end of the century. 
  • Hoop petticoats were only worn in court
  • The width of the skirt was reduced
  • Bonnets were worn

A couple years ago for Halloween, I dressed up as a vampire and wore a huge dress that kind of looks like the dresses people wore in the 1780s.  Now that I’ve thought about it I would like to live in the 1780s, because it seems cooler! 

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