Conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories are one of the things that will really make you think about life and wonder why things are the way they are. On Youtube they’re everywhere; things like: Is the illuminati real? Are celebrities getting reincarnated? Are we really living in a simulation?

Well I mostly think that the conspiracy theory about living in a simulation is kind of true and kind of not. Being in a simulation would take a lot of power and we wouldn’t even know who’s controlling it. Everything we touch and everything we do is either controlled by you or the “simulation”. The theory about parallel universes–even though those have been proven by scientists to be real: Citation:

–we will never know why they do exist.The earth has been around for millions of years and yet we still don’t know the real reason why we exist and that’s where the simulation theory comes in: maybe we were created by smart aliens and are living in a simulation we might never know.

Another conspiracy theory is the question if aliens are real or not. There’s a lot of evidence that they do exist, although people seeing UFOS or seeing “actual aliens” are often proven to be fake. Citations:

Maybe the government is hiding aliens at Area 51, even though people haven’t  actually gotten to go inside of Area 51 Citation:

, it still could be possible. Example one is that people have worked at Area 51 and have gotten sick because of the things they were doing there. The sickness was unknown and couldn’t be figured out by science and most of the people died. If you try to go inside of Area 51 there’s nothing protecting it except one guard he will tell you to go back, but if you decline you can go through but you will get shot.

The most interesting of all the conspiracy theories is “Marshal law”


. Marshal law is when the government takes away all your rights as a human and you have to follow whatever they say. This is a real law that seems pretty shocking. The theory behind this is if something bad happens and causes an apocalypse or something like that and people don’t listen to the police, they’re gonna make Marshal law happen. Then they will take people below walmarts across the country and kill them. Walmarts across America are shaped in a star: the Devil’s star. There’re tunnels below them where the government is going to go and kill the mass population if something really bad happens.  In 2015 walmarts were closed and people heard banging under the floors/ground. It’s said that the government is going to kill all the people in America and start a new population where people won’t remember what happened that caused the apocalypse. The Marshall law is pretty scary if you really think about it–you will literally have no rights at all In 2015 Walmarts were closed and people heard banging under the floors/ground. All of these theories are disturbing, but this last one is really scary and really makes you think “When will the government let Marshall law happen?”

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