Coachella is a music festival held just outside Palm Springs in Indio, California over the course of two weekends. Weekend One of Coachella 2017 was April 14-16th. I went with two of my friends from New York and a group of 10-15 of my friends from Malibu. We all had amazing three days that will we never forget. Between the music, fashion and art, Coachella creates an amazing creative atmosphere that makes it physically impossible to not have fun. Here’s a short review of my favorite shows…..

This years’ Coachella felt a lot faster than last years. In 2015 and 2016 I didn’t arrive at the festival grounds past 1 pm and this year I found myself arriving a little before 4 everyday. That definitely made this year feel shorter, but that didn’t make Coachella any less fun. In the past I have had either a GA or a VIP ticket, but this year I was offered an artist pass and couldn’t say no. “Artist” gets you into anything within the festival grounds: backstage, VIP areas, the rose garden and even a front row section. The group I went with all had “artist” so we got to stick together and enjoy everything the pass had to offer.

My favorite shows were Travis Scott, Kehlani, Two Door Cinema, Kendrick Lamar, NAV, Tove Lo and Gucci Mane all for very different reasons. Travis Scott had amazing energy and an awesome setting, bird cages hung all over, ten Travis Scott cut-outs stood in a line at the front of the stage and at one point Travis even climbed onto a giant electronic bird. Kehlani had a showstopping outfit with a powerful message. She performed on one of the smaller stages which made the show more intimate. She came out in a white trench coat with white air force 1’s and took the coat off during her opening song to reveal white overalls with the words “Find Our Girls” (referring to the missing girls of color in Washington DC) the words were painted in neon on the front and the stage had black lights making her whole outfit glow. Kehlani had so much creative, beautiful, positive energy, the music almost didn’t matter.

Two Door Cinema played on the mainstage during the hottest period of the day. Of course all the songs were good but everyone was there for “What You Know,” the most popular song by the band. It was the final song and after waiting through the whole set for this moment, my friends and I danced around the field whilst eating our popsicles and sweating our makeup off, having the best time ever. It was one of my most memorable Coachella moments. Kendrick Lamar was my all-time favorite show of Coachella 2017. He performed just days after dropping his most recent album DAMN. so he performed every song and paired them with a karate-themed movie starring Kung Fu Kenny which is really just Kendrick Lamar’s alter ego. NAV brought out the Weeknd to perform “Some Way” and two other songs off his most recent album Starboy. I actually didn’t plan on seeing Tove Lo, but ended up hearing her last three songs while waiting for Kehlani. She performed her two most popular songs: “Cool Girl” and “Stay High” with so much energy and spunk. She even brought out Wiz Khalifa for a final song I had never heard.  As for Gucci Mane, the show was amazing just because it’s Gucci Mane.
Overall I think the thing that stood out most with each artist and really made for a memorable show was their energy…. Even people I didn’t expect to be very good or exciting, were amazing just because they were so stoked to be performing at Coachella so they brought a ton of energy. My rating for this year;s lineup and performances was 10/10. It was everything I hoped for and more. My rating of the guest pass however is 7/10. Of course it was nice, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what kind of ticket you have, just getting to go to Coachella is the opportunity of a lifetime, being around people you love, listening to music you love, in a beautiful place is bound to be the time of your life!