Chinese drama review

I just started watching this new Chinese drama called “Take my brother away”.  It’s in Mandarin and it’s a cute and weird, but funny, drama on Netflix.The characters have completely different personalities from each other. The main characters are Shi Miao and Shi Fen. Shi Miao hates the way her brother is ruining her life and hits him every time he makes her mad. They are always in competition with each other.

In one episode they were in a race to find a person to go with them to a buffet. The first to find someone would win and get a little ticket for free food. Shi Fen let Shi Miao win cause he felt bad, although the funny thing is is when she went to the buffet with her friend they still had to pay for some of it so her friend left and Shi Miao was sad.

The first few episodes were great. There are 30 episodes and I’m on the 25th one. Watching the drama I saw good plots for each episode and it never was the same thing over again. The whole show is very well made and I might even rewatch it a couple of times. The characters are well developed also, and their personalities change throughout the episodes. Shi Miao starts being nicer to Shi Fen and he stopped acting so crazy. Their dad, who is an alcoholic, finally decides to stop drinking and actually help out his kids, They have been living without money because he was in debt and he was almost never home, but just working. Shi Fen never liked his dad because he was like that and he would say the meanest things to him.

One episode I especially liked though was the New Years episode when Shi Fen and Shi Miao went to a festival and was watching the fireworks but it went downhill when Shi Fen went back to his house to put some money away and noticed that there was writing that said “PAY YOUR DEBT!” and their house was a mess and their dad was beaten up. That was when Shi Fen found out that his dad has been in debt this whole time and that’s why they’re poor. It was a great episode because everything made sense then–no wonder he’s been drinking and been staying at work. Shi Fen forgave his dad and watched the fireworks with him. Shi Miao was waiting for Shi Fen to get back and Shi Fen didn’t want Shi Miao to know what happened so he just smiled and they watched the rest of the fireworks together.

I can’t wait to see what happens at the end of this season but overall it has been a great drama: the plots were great, the characters were funny ,and the whole storyline was perfect. For now “Take My Brother Away” is my favorite drama on Netflix.

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