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Literacy; A Concept or a Wall


I come from a supportive family and a series of schools. My first school I was at from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade was an alternative public school in North Seattle. There seemed to be as far as I can remember a sort of understanding that I most likely had some kind of dyslexia, anxiety, and/or ADD. I struggled with worksheets and reading for a long time. starting in Kindergarten when I just didn’t want to do it. So I would copy off of other students and when it came to reading I always only chose books like “old McDonald had a Farm” or “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, books that I had already memorised with a tune so that when I had to read aloud I could confidently go through the entire book. I was and am forever mortified of messing up in front of my peers or looking less intelligent than I could possibly be. As I moved into middle school I tried to learn and memorize bigger words so that I could read bigger books. I had learned how to read when I was around the age of eight, however it took me until seventh grade to fully read a book out loud. I was put in a private waldorf middle school with 15 other kids who had all known each other from preschool. My teacher at the time did not have the time, resources, or support to help me with my dyslexia and accused me of being lazy. I had to read 200 pages a week, take dictations, and hand write everything. I realize practice does make perfect and in the long run it did help me a lot. However I wished it had been approached differently, as it caused me a lot of stress and embarrassment, even though I was trying my hardest in school more than I ever had since that point. Continue reading Literacy; A Concept or a Wall

The Secrets of Harvey

There are few that know the ways of Harvey, some learned quickly, some never had to try, others found it nearly impossible. Some have the chance for a split second and then it all drifts away never to return. Petting Harvey, or simply getting any reaction out of him other than running away or getting defensive has been proven to be one of the largest challenges at Nova.

For those who don’t know, Harvey is a golden haired chihuahua with long gangly legs and brown eyes. He lives on the third floor and believes that his basket and the purple couch are always under attack by the humans. Liza is his keeper, a parent of sorts, their strong bond is like no other you will see. Continue reading The Secrets of Harvey

Bisexual Myths

“Bisexuals are greedy, why can’t they just choose one [gender]?”

You don’t get to choose your sexuality, bisexuals are not being greedy, we are just trying to make a real connection with somebody or have some fun, just like everybody else. Nobody is attracted to everybody in their dating pool. Bisexuals are not trying to take up all the available partners but rather live their lives and form relationships with whomever when it feels appropriate. Continue reading Bisexual Myths

The McElroy Brothers

I am not an expert, and my advice should never be followed*, but if you want to listen or watch some wonderful, non-offensive, and hilarious comedy, I definitely recommend listening to a podcast, watching the youtube videos, or watching the SeeSo TV show by the McElroy brothers.  

The oldest brother Justin (left), the middlest brother Travis (middle), and the sweet baby brother Griffin (right) have taken the internet by storm with their awkward voices, obscure comedy, and improvisation skills. I believe they will go down in history as one of the great comedy groups of the 21st century. Continue reading The McElroy Brothers

Top 6 Studio Ghibli Movies

Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation studio known for its movies, video games, and commercials. Hayao Miyazaki, a director at Studio Ghibli is extremely successful with five of his movies being among the top 15 highest-grossing anime movies. Studio Ghibli movies are famous for their beautiful animation and light-hearted stories. They are also known for their legendary plots full of action, adventure, romance, and innocence. Continue reading Top 6 Studio Ghibli Movies

Through the Trailing Senior Eyes

Here we are on the last stretch. The train keeps on moving but we have to pack our bags and jump off because we don’t have a pass for the next stop. The world is our oyster they say, your life is just beginning, you have so much ahead of you. Yet here we are trying to assemble our bags, making them look just as beautiful and well packed on the inside and out. Pride and acceptance is all we look for from those who have already departed. As the bags get packed each become a little more masqued of its mess. As some finish with tears of relief, sorrow, or good bye, each drop a memory left behind, some jumping straight onto the next train on the adjacent track, others wandering the land for a path or a sign, hoping to leave behind growth and peace, and understanding of held space. Continue reading Through the Trailing Senior Eyes

Camping/hiking and why everyone should do it this summer

Hiking is one of the best ways to not only get a good workout but getting into the forest and just sitting with how amazing and beautiful nature is. Camping is like a nice escape from the city life, you have a wonderful chance to see wildlife, you have a high chance of seeing deer, rabbits, even bears, a variety of different types of birds, from big to small and all sorts of beautiful colors. Often my favorite part of camping is the smell of the moss, and the smell of fresh dew on the grass from the condensation from the night before that’s slowly starting to evaporate from the warmth of the sun. Waking up to the birds chirping loudly and the cicadas singing is such a lovely sound to wake up to, way better than an alarm. Listening to music well you’re camping is another thing I personally enjoy doing; everyone’s different so some people prefer just enjoying the quiet of nature. Continue reading Camping/hiking and why everyone should do it this summer