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Playlist from the 50s and 60s

Growing up, my parents always had music playing throughout our house. My mom played her 80s rock, and my dad played popular songs from the 1950s and 60s. I always favored my dad’s music and still listen to it to this day. Something about how pure the singer’s voices were, and the sound of the instruments made me very calm and happy. Comparing music from the 50s and 2000s shows how the music industry has changed throughout the years. In the 50s and 60s, people sang about genuine love, and pressing issues in the world. They didn’t have the technology to auto tune someone’s voice, which made the artists genuinely talented singers. Today, the topic of love is still in music, but has taken a turn and mainly focuses on sex and body standards. Along with sex, music today often talks about parties and drugs. As the music industry grows, the quality and meaningfulness dies. So here are a few songs that are timeless and pure. Continue reading Playlist from the 50s and 60s

David O’Reilly

It’s easy to call something “postmodern” without understanding the term. Anyone who’s not acquainted with the term will see something that messes with the fourth wall and carries a cynical sense of either the modern day or future and slap “postmodern” onto it.

But if that were true, postmodernism would be achieved as easily as making a character self-aware of their fictional context and throwing in a bunch of metaphors for how the common folk are exploited by their leaders left and right. Continue reading David O’Reilly

How I Practice

I’ve been playing violin since I was six and while I’m certainly not the best or most dedicated musician in the world it’s taught me a lot about hard work and how I learn. The core of mastering any skill is practice and dedication and while people usually seem to know this there are some prevalent myths about how to practice correctly. So I thought I’d share a little bit about how I personally like to practice violin. Continue reading How I Practice

An Aesthete’s Friendship


  1. a person who has or affects to have a special appreciation of art and beauty.

Have you ever been best friends with a pink azalea? I have. My best friend is a little pink berry, an absolute ray of sunshine. It’s so important to have such pure friendships in your life, to surround yourself with positive people while at the same time emanating positivity. Continue reading An Aesthete’s Friendship

Review on Issaquah

Here is a picture of one of the trails I walked on in Issaquah

I recently spent 3 days up there at my best friend’s house which is very close to  klahanie but it’s on the outskirts, close to Beaver Lake middle school.

She lives fairly close to a park/forest. For the 3 days  I was there we would go hiking, and we went on the zipline her neighbors owned.
We saw deer, we saw all types of animals such as frogs and rabbits. Honestly it was such a nice break from the city life. It was nice to just relax and unwind from all the stress of everything. One thing that is stuck in my mind is the sweet aroma of the forest, the smell of moss, the faint petrichor wafting through the trees. I also remember the aching in my feet after hiking for so long.  Honestly I recommend going up there and exploring the trails of  snake hill . There are many trails to go off on an adventure on. Continue reading Review on Issaquah

Me Without You

Love is one of the most cliched topics in the our world. Most of the music, movies, books, and tv have some sort of romantic relationships in them. Even media designed for little kids have a romantic relationship hidden somewhere in the plot. This material brainwashes many people into thinking that romantic love is the number one most important thing to acquire. You can easily see this in the many women talking about crying into half full wine glasses on valentine’s day, or the countless scripted dating shows featuring a nearly all-white cast. Continue reading Me Without You