BoJack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is a Netflix original show about a celebrity horse named BoJack who starred on a famous family sitcom called “Horsin’ Around”. The show tells the story of BoJack after his prime, and dives deep into intense topics like drug abuse, alcoholism, social anxiety, losing friends, death, etc. all while being entertaining and a lot of times really clever and funny.


BoJack Horseman is a special show to me because it combines comedy and witty writing with incredibly dark themes in a way I have never seen a show do before. You really feel connected to the characters and the story through every episode. It starts out light enough in season one, but gets darker and deeper and goes through changes the more you go on, all while being funny–which is hard to do. They also put a lot of time into the seasons and they usually only come out once a year, but the writing is worth it because this show is really good at using emotions to make the viewer interested.


A good example of how the show plays with emotions that there’s a scene with a character crying, and during it a car full of water and fish pulls up next to the character and she stops and looks, then the fish drive off she continues crying. That is the kind of subtle humor that is in BoJack Horseman that makes it so special, being able to make you laugh and cry, all while delivering a great story.


The shows cast features some big names like Alison Brie, Will Arnett, Aaron Paul, and Paul F. Tompkins. who all deliver amazing and funny performances throughout the seasons.




My favorite episode is by far “Season 5 Ep 6: Free Churro”. It begins with BoJack giving a eulogy at a funeral. I cannot stress this enough, the entire show is worth watching just for this episode. The writing on that episode is the best writing I have ever seen in a TV show, as BoJack delivers a 25-minute monologue at this funeral about his mother, father, death, emotions, etc. and it really goes deep into BoJack’s inner feelings and thoughts and philosophies. Like I said, the show can be really funny and clever but also incredibly dark and sad and that is what makes it so special.


(Spoiler) – They even end the emotional episode with BoJack being at the WRONG funeral, after this long and emotional speech, leaving the viewer almost at tears and then making them burst into laughter, it is definitely worth the watch.

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