Best Skateparks in Seattle

Coming in at number one we have lower woodland (Greenlake) skatepark, just minutes away from Greenlake, an  iconic spot in Seattle, lies greenlake skatepark. Greenlake is the biggest skatepark in Seattle and has stuff for all skaters: a huge bowl, huge pool, 4 down rails of all different sizes and 2 flat rails, and also a double ledge, a spine and much more! Greenlake is the favorite park of many local skaters so it can get crowded, especially on nice days, but 95% of the time it’s not super crowded.

For number two, we have one of the most iconic skate parks in Seattle: Jerfferson skatepark. It is located in Beacon Hill in Jefferson park and gained its fame for being the first skatepark in Seattle, and having a really nice bowl. This park has a nice a frame with a frame rail, a great bowl with a spine hump, and a goof flyout..  Jefferson skatepark also has a few ledges, a gap, a stair set and a nice quarter pipe, I highly recommend you try this park when in the area.

And at number 3 we have Virgil Flaim (Lake City) skatepark. Just one block off Lake City Way right next to the basketball court, this park is the newest skatepark in Seattle. It was  finished in the fall of 2017 and includes a lot of stuff for street skaters like 2 downrails, multiple ledges, an a-frame, and a smallish bowl. This park is fun but keep in mind it gets crowded fast on summer days and bikers are not allowed there;if you show up there on a bike you will probably get cussed out by all the older skaters.

At number four we have Northgate skatepark–a chill skatepark near the mall. Hidden behind the Target and Bestbuy, this is a good park for beginners trying to learn the basics because it’s not usually crowded, and the better/older skaters there tend to be nice and supportive to beginners. Itis always nice to have a skatepark with a good community. 

And last and probably least, we have Dahl skatepark located at Dahl park by the playfields. Dahl is a good park for beginner skaters just learning the basics who want space to ride around, not too big ramps, and a quiet skatepark with not that many people. It also can be good for experienced skaters who want to ride all the rails and ledges there, but keep in mind it’s a small skatepark so there’s not a ton to do.

Seattle is a good city to skate in, it has a good amount/variety of skateparks, and a lot of good skaters, shops and community. I hope this helps people new to skating or new to skating in Seattle find a park they like and have a fun time.

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