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We are starting the year remotely and students will need a dedicated device for their work. We have laptops for every student. If you had a laptop checked out as an 8th grader or last year from one of the distribution sites you don’t need to exchange that laptop, it will be your device for this year. If you didn’t pick up a device last year and don’t have one checked out from your previous school, you can pick up your laptop at one of the following times at Nova. Many of the features to participate in online classes are not available through smartphone applications, so even if you prefer to use their phone for most things, you should still pick up a laptop to access those interactive features.

Pick up procedure:

  1. Wait in the parking lot (in your car if you are coming by car) or standing more than 6 feet away from others if you are not in a car. A Nova rep will come to you and get your information.
  2. The Nova staff person will go into the building and grab your device and delivery it to you outside in the parking lot.

Please wear a face mask throughout the exchange and don’t come if you have symptoms. We are happy to arrange an alternate time and pick up plans if you are not feeling well.

Nova High School Parking Lot Pick Ups: 2410 East Cherry St. (the parking lot is on the east side of the building and has an entrance on Columbia.

Friday August 28th 2-4 PM 
Monday August 31st3-5 PM 
Thursday Sept 3rd (day before school starts)7-9 AM 
Thursday Sept 3rd (day before school starts)3-6 PM 
Tuesday Sept 8th (day after Labor Day)8-10 AM 
Tuesday Sept 8th (day after Labor Day)2-5 PM

New to Nova Students

New students are invited to attend a zoom check-in with Eyva and Annie. We would like to meet you and hear about what kind of coordinator might work best for you and answer questions that you have about the school year. If these times don’t work for you, please send an email to with your preferred mode of communication (phone call, text, email) and we will try to connect with you directly!

New Student Check in with Eyva and Annie (Nova’s Principals) – Each student only needs to attend one! Email for the zoom link and password.

  1. Aug 24, 2020 03:00 PM
  2. Aug 25, 2020 03:00 PM
  3. Aug 26, 2020 03:00 PM

First Day Packets and Other Resources:

First day packets of information, non-perishable food, interesting books to read, art and school supplies will also be available to get in the parking lot while you wait for your device to be checked out during the times above.

Usually, during the first week of school students attend many social justice workshops, community building workshops and meet with their coordinator to pick and plan their schedule and then they register for classes.  The assigned coordinator is the person (teacher) who becomes their coach, advocate, college & career support and main point of communication with the student, their family and support people.  Under normal circumstances, that happens the first 3 days of school with actual academic classes beginning on the 4th day. This year we will be doing this remotely, but there will still be individual meetings with students to create a schedule and family meetings will be scheduled to start building the communication between school and home. In these individual meetings the coordinator can learn about the students past, plans for the future and interests to help build the most engaging class schedule. 

Weekly Material Pick Up Days:

We are going to have a weekly time to gather materials to support classes and independent work, food and other resources and we will be running a  books, puzzles and games exchange. More information to come on exact times and procedures for donation and exchanging of these items.

Wifi Hotspots:

Please call 206.252.3500 and leave a message with your name and best way to contact you. Annie will reach out to get the information we need to request a wifi hotspot for your household. To access this service, you need to be eligible for public assistance programs such as the National School Lunch Program/ Free or Reduced Lunch, Housing Assistance, Medicaid, SNAP, SSI, and others.

Nova Wellness Center:

The city expedited our permit so the Nova Wellness Center will be on location much sooner than expected. We are hoping to have some parking lot flu shot events this fall, and other health opportunities open for Nova students asap! Our amazing Country Doctor partners will be joining us at the laptop pick ups to hand deliver permission slips for Nova’s Wellness Center and to answer questions about accessing behavioral and physical health services this year!

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