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Good Songs for Bad Days


With so much negativity in the world and so much hurt, we have to find joy in the little things. Music can be a portal of every emotion–It has the power to make you feel things and give you an outlet to express who you are. There are so many heartbreak songs out there, for good reason, because I do believe that some of the best art comes from pain. But I think there should be more appreciation for those songs that can’t help but make you smile. Here’s a playlist I put together of songs, old and new,  to listen to when you’re feeling blue or you are already having a great day and just want it to get better. Continue reading Good Songs for Bad Days

Black Mirror

Netflix original series Black Mirror is one of the best current TV shows on right now in my opinion. This is a must see show that really makes you question everything. It’s quite unique in many ways though. Each episode has a different cast, storyline and air times can run from 40 minutes to over an hour. They are kind of all like mini movies but within the same universe that all hold one theme: the future of technology. Every episode explores different possibilities of technology but ultimately how dysfunctional it makes our society become. This show really made me think and challenged my thoughts on the future. This is a ranking of my opinion of what I believe the most powerful episodes, I do strongly recommend watching each season but it does not need to be watched in order. WARNING: Spoilers of these episodes ahead!

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Misconceptions of Makeup

I have had a fascination with makeup ever since I was little. As soon as my mom let me get my hands on a few makeup products, I was hooked. I started to experiment with different looks, even though I wasn’t that good I would come to school everyday in middle school with a new look. I spent hours watching online tutorials which began to increase my skill and knowledge. Now as a sophomore in highschool, makeup is a huge part of my life. Everyday I wake up and spend an hour creating a different look; I don’t really go out of the house without makeup. Because of all of that, I have been subject to lots of insults and misconceptions about makeup. Even in 2017 there is still a lot of misinformation about makeup, maybe because there is still this stigma behind it. Well I am here to debunk some of the most common misconceptions that I have heard over the years.

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Diversity in TV Shows

It’s 2017 and it feels like it’s only been these last couple of years that we have really began to see some changes in the diversity when it comes to what you see on TV. In the past couple of decades what you saw often is one token character in a show. Their race, sexual orientation, gender, or whatever makes them different, is the focal point of their character. You hardly ever see those diverse characters unless they are playing out a stereotype. In this past decade there have been some changes in TV, there are so many incredible shows on television with a diverse cast that if you haven’t watched you should. As a white woman, growing up I didn’t realize just how white most of the TV shows and movies I was watching were. If you’re privileged it’s easy for some of these things to just brush past your head when they don’t affect you as much. But as I got older I started to realize the lack of representation of POC, and also myself, as a jewish, bisexual woman. I began to be bothered by the things I wasn’t seeing. There are a lot of shows I like, but lack diversity, so here are some of my personal recommendations of good shows that are on TV with a diverse cast. Continue reading Diversity in TV Shows

LA LA Land Review

Over winter break I went to the movie theaters to see La La Land. Which is a modern musical starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Now this was a movie that I was dying to see. They did a great job with the trailer, because they took some of the most beautiful parts of the movie and compiled them all together, which of course grabbed my attention. But they also didn’t give much away about the plot. So I came into the movie excited and open minded. Continue reading LA LA Land Review

Long Distance Relationships

There’s a quote that says, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Although this may be true to some extent, when you are in love with someone thousands of miles away from you. This quote gets a little annoying. Long distance relationships have really always been around, but it hasn’t been since the 21st century that meeting that special someone has happened online. The internet has opened up so many opportunities for relationships of all types. Because this is a somewhat new phenomenon, there is still a lot confusion and curiosity around it. I guess I didn’t quite get it until recently, where I found myself falling in love with someone I had never met before.

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More than just a trip: Rustic Pathways

I was very blessed to able to spend 3 weeks in the beautiful Udon Thani, Thailand, this summer through a program called Rustic Pathways. I discovered this program through someone on instagram that I knew. She made a few posts talking very highly of it. At this point in my life I was looking for an adventure and something that was going to change my life for the better; plus I needed community service hours. Now that I am back from my trip and have shared on social media how amazing of an experience it was for me, I’ve been flooded with questions on my trip and the program. So this will hopefully answer some of those frequently asked questions on rustic pathways for people who may be interested in a similar journey as me.

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