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Social Media Pros and Cons

As a stereotypical high school student, you can usually find me on my phone scrolling through social media. I am usually looking at an array of photos and videos that revolve around fitness, fashion, politics, what is going on in the world, memes (I can’t help it), art, nature, and what my friends are doing. But when I talk to adults about social media I only hear them talk about the cons of social media. In an article written by Sreedhar Potarazu for CNN he states “Children are growing up now in a world where they expect immediate response, gratification and notification. Their brains no longer have time to evolve; they must adapt to change in an instant, and the results are distressing.” This is not entirely true. Continue reading Social Media Pros and Cons

Top 6 Studio Ghibli Movies

Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation studio known for its movies, video games, and commercials. Hayao Miyazaki, a director at Studio Ghibli is extremely successful with five of his movies being among the top 15 highest-grossing anime movies. Studio Ghibli movies are famous for their beautiful animation and light-hearted stories. They are also known for their legendary plots full of action, adventure, romance, and innocence. Continue reading Top 6 Studio Ghibli Movies

The 1975 Concert Experience

The 1975 are an English rock band from Manchester England. The members consist of Matthew Healy (vocals, and rhythm guitar), Adam Hann (lead guitar), Ross Macdonald (bass), and George Daniel (drums). The four musicians joined forces in high school and eventually signed as The 1975. They released their first self-titled debut album in September of 2013 and topped the UK album charts that same week. Their second album I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it was released in February of 2016 and topped the charts in both the US and UK This year the band won a Brit award for best British group. This year the band announced they would be going on a European and North American tour. In fact, I attended one of their shows on April 30th.
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Playlist from the 50s and 60s

Growing up, my parents always had music playing throughout our house. My mom played her 80s rock, and my dad played popular songs from the 1950s and 60s. I always favored my dad’s music and still listen to it to this day. Something about how pure the singer’s voices were, and the sound of the instruments made me very calm and happy. Comparing music from the 50s and 2000s shows how the music industry has changed throughout the years. In the 50s and 60s, people sang about genuine love, and pressing issues in the world. They didn’t have the technology to auto tune someone’s voice, which made the artists genuinely talented singers. Today, the topic of love is still in music, but has taken a turn and mainly focuses on sex and body standards. Along with sex, music today often talks about parties and drugs. As the music industry grows, the quality and meaningfulness dies. So here are a few songs that are timeless and pure. Continue reading Playlist from the 50s and 60s


For those who don’t know what crossfit is, crossfit is a sport/form of exercise that involves olympic weightlifting and high intensity interval training. What I mean by crossfit being a sport and a form of exercise, I mean that some people do it to better themselves, and other take it to the extreme and compete for the title of fittest on earth. The crossfit community is full of people from all walks of life. In a typical crossfit gym, you will see, your neighbor, a working mom, a CEO of a major company, or someone who is retired. All of these people are there to better themselves health wise, or physically achieve something they thought was never possible for themselves. The community of a crossfit gym is always supportive, the first person finishing a workout first is just as important as the person finishing last. Continue reading Crossfit

The Mysterious Case of D.B. Cooper

(see sources at end of article)

On Wednesday November 24th, 1971, a man by the name of Dan Cooper boarded a plane flying from Portland Oregon to Seattle Washington. Upon boarding the plane, Cooper ordered a bourbon and soda (according to the flight attendant). After the plane took off, Cooper handed a stewardess a note. The woman put the note in her pocket, saying that she would read it later. However, Cooper responded saying “Miss, you better look at that note. I have a bomb.” He asked the stewardess to sit next to him, he opened his brief case to reveal a cluster of wires and three red sticks. Cooper then asked the stewardess to write down what he was saying and to take it to the captain. Cooper demanded $200,000 in cash by 5 p.m. He also stated that the money needed to be in a knapsack, along with four parachutes. When the plane arrived in Seattle, Cooper exchanged the thirty-six passengers for the money and parachutes. After the passengers were safe, Cooper ordered the captain to fly him to Mexico City, and that he keep the plane below 10,000ft. Around 8 p.m., the plane was just above Reno Nevada, when Cooper jumped out of the rear end of the plane, taking his money and parachutes with him. He has not been seen since that night. Continue reading The Mysterious Case of D.B. Cooper

Upcoming Movies (March, 2017)


On March 3, 2017 this adventurous action-packed movie will come to theaters across the country. The movie will follow Marvel Comic character Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman. Director, James Mangold has created the character Logan, who is living on the border of Mexico where he is caring for a man by the name of Professor X. Logan is hiding from the rest of the world in hopes to hide a certain “legacy” that follows him. However his daily life is disturbed by a mutant that arrives on earth and appears to be controlled by dark forces. Marvel movies tend to follow the same plotline, will Logan be one of those movies?

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