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Safe Partying!!

Underage/teen drinking and partying seems to be a simple fact of life. Something people pretend their parents don’t know about, and everyone talks about. When the sentences, “This weekend was sooooo wild” and “I don’t think I’ve ever been so f$*!ed up in my life” are things you hear every Monday, it’s clear that people like to focus on letting everyone know how drunk they were, and less about how to be safe and cautious in dangerous situations. With date-rape, drugs, and sexual assault running rampant at teenage parties, it’s important to know how to take safety measures to reduce high-risk activities. Especially for people who aren’t boys, parties can be very dangerous if you don’t take precautions. Continue reading Safe Partying!!

Me Without You

Love is one of the most cliched topics in the our world. Most of the music, movies, books, and tv have some sort of romantic relationships in them. Even media designed for little kids have a romantic relationship hidden somewhere in the plot. This material brainwashes many people into thinking that romantic love is the number one most important thing to acquire. You can easily see this in the many women talking about crying into half full wine glasses on valentine’s day, or the countless scripted dating shows featuring a nearly all-white cast. Continue reading Me Without You

Coping Mechanisms

With the start of a new semester comes a thousand different stressors: picking and signing up for classes, a new schedule, and keeping up with all new assignments. And school is probably the least of your worries. Life is full of stress. Dealing with this can be really rough and it is very easy to fall into unhealthy patterns of self deprecation and negative self talk.These habits may seem like an easy way out, but there are plenty of helpful ways to deal with school or life stress, or even simply just a bad day. Continue reading Coping Mechanisms